I really enjoyed my time here over Easter with those who came to join us, on the Easter Festival, over these historically momentous days.

In some ways it was all a bit weird - I was whirling in and out of myself, sometimes with myself in a wholly unfamiliar way, at other times in a totally present way - as if my whole long life and all that had even happened in it - was with me in each moment. Then at other times it was simply altogether absent, leaving the space for what is beyond me, and all things. A kind of circus, a kind of fairground - with all those different trip-experiences on offer... and tried.

There were no talks - till Q&A on Monday - no words came, and I didn't seek them. So there was nothing to take people off into - 'what isn't there'. As if wind, rain, sun, all had an open space and an invitation to express themselves in each one of us and in all.

(All this contributing to the title, Leaving the House that Jack - each of us! - Built - not furnishing that house with any new ideas at all... once again the title given months before becomes the shape of the group...)

So, as Shanti writes: Leaving the house that Jack built! So rich, so full, so nothing. I was the drop in the ocean with nothing to say. Profound freedom in that. Exactly.

And Jila: Never before has it been like this. True.

Berlin coming up next for me, in the grand new space at the Buddhist Centre there - whilst Mishka dances her way round Antwerp at the same time. Then after a break it's Copenhagen, followed by Bath, back again in Bonny England, and a day or so in London, my home town, after that. Then it's Corfu time. If it's as good there as it was last year we will all be more than happy. A birthday at home soon after...

Keep Well, Join the Universe (next door), Open your gates, doors, windows, and find it's all You too!