Easter Festival  ::  A Blog
30/3-2/4 '18

This was the sky on Sunday night here in Denzlingen, a copy of the power & brightness of our time together here in Extraordinary Space, our grouproom below.

We were 30, almost all 'regulars' so it was too an Easter Party as we came together in many ways, throughout our days together. Welcoming the tentative hands of spring - at last.

At the beginning, I told the participants, that I had asked myself, whether, if this was my last group, how would it differ? And that the answer was - it wouldn't. There's just this moment and how one responds to it and mostly 'this moment' is an independent moment and so is not influenced much by what is behind, and maybe not at all by what is in front.

Sometimes for me the room was empty, sometimes full of love. And moving round the people was like threading stitches on a needle.

An afternoon session of doing absolutely nothing but standing and sitting - and simply being, all so full and so empty at the same time.

We did the Energy Streaming Meditation - if we had an Easter Festival theme, then this was it. First time since a long while for this one, but we enjoyed it, found it useful, and I just loved the music for it from our Surrender Cowboys...


Saturday night was full moon night so Mishka made what she called 'a traditional fire' in the garden which people sat around, whilst Rinzai played his guitar - supported on & off by Imaho - and sang us some great songs.

Sunday night Mishka & Akali provided a disco, which was welcomed and appreciated. Several of the group caught colds, but did not rush for shelter - and held their coughs (the desire to cough is itself still!). Then at the end before Monday lunch there were no questions, so we danced our way in this unknown land we always find.

But there were soon a number of feedback letters in the next days. Here are some extracts:

I am deeply grateful to you for the quietness & silence, for the silent mind and the blissful state of uniting, expanding and dissolving in being. Love Sarvasati

Thank you again & again. To be with you, to be at UNACHO this Easter Festival was just a perfect time, meeting Love and Peace, taking away the weight from my heart, giving me a smile, you are so beautiful.
Love Astaranda

At UNACHO, the whole energy in the house reflecting you is overwhelming. And then the seminar on top demands the deepest explorations. Then your words about taking the energy of thoughts and turning it into the energy stream - wow! that really opened a door for me. The awareness of universal love fills my body & soul and there everything is truly healed. So Shanti in a complete mess but never more content.  LOVE  Shanti

Thank you for the wonderful festival only 3 days but it could have been a year. It is a place of beauty around you.
Magical connections with others happened again and love was all over. LOVE Manuel

I am very glad you brought me in the moment again.
Love Imaho

So the Work goes on and people benefit, get glimpses and often much more of that state that we both wait to access and which is within us still at the same time. The seminars somehow just release what is always within, waiting to burst open like champagne.

And on we go - tomorrow I depart early for Porto Venere, along with Mishka, who makes this group a must for her every year. We drive there, sharing the wheel work - and look forward to seeing our blessed Italian friends, also the sea right beside us there, and even some Italian warmth and sun. Then after a break it's Music & Silence, again here in the house, and then to finish off the month - and into a hopefully glorious May, we - and many others - are off to Corfu for our holiday group time together.

Finally may we all soon celebrate fine warm spring weather too - wherever we are!