At the Easter Festival, held at home here in UNACHO, we had a Full House - in every way. Full of people, full of Energy, full of Great Happenings, full of bliss - and a few satoris as well! Boaz, who took part in it, said afterwards, “Heaven can’t be very different from this.”

Well, Michael says he regularly feels this in the seminars, as do some others, he knows, but it was easy to feel that here these days over Easter.

Each session was exceptional, and somehow all different: a new meditation came – MESH, then a complete energy explosive session, reminiscent said Michael of his crazy days in Poona (at the end he showed everybody the picture of himself in one of his Leela Groups in Poona that appeared on the cover of the German magazine, Stern, those many years ago); then a classic talk about the Work, entitled The Great Escape (about getting the goose out of the bottle), a number of sessions working with bringing the inner and the outer together (quoting Jesus: “When the inner becomes the outer, and the outer the inner, there is The Kingdom of God”.)

Such that after all that and the new meditation, Dashkara, who was assisting, really got it, that all is one! And spent the rest of the festival in bliss; then there was on Saturday evening a Michael Energy Disco, music, as usual with him, mostly in-between dancing and just being; then on Sunday evening, everyone, including home team and helpers, gathered around a fire in the garden together, songs, singing, guitaring from Sishua and Rinzai, including Sishua’s song she wrote when living in UNACHO for a while recently, words based on Michael’s Q&A Talk published in the last Newsletter, this song much loved and appreciated by all there - leading to a sing - along with it. The Festival ending with the usual entertaining and profound answers from Michael to participant questions.

A humdinger of a group then, with the home people and the visitors meshing and merging as one throughout (including our 3 Wild Goose Girls from Holland, who, amongst others, did a wonderful job helping in the kitchen - Afrida was head cook - and serving the participants).

The next day Ralha wrote to Michael: “I am studying Buddha’s teaching: the seven factors of enlightenment - mindfulness, wisdom, energy, rapture, tranquility, concentration, equanimity - which are all needed on the path to enlightenment. Now I add the Eighth Factor of Enlightenment - your energy work which includes them all!”

Next up in the line of Festivals is the Summer Event - Absolute Beauty - now in a new place, a seminar centre near Kassel in Germany, the entire place for us alone, including sauna, sweat lodge, fireplace, disco, zen garden - and kids’ playground, so, fine for families too.

The accommodation available is varied - from single rooms to dormitories to tents and camping out. So choice is there, according to preference - and budget! Living there at the centre is a small community, most of whom knew Michael long ago and are delighted, and with open arms, to receive him and us and renew the connection.

So maybe a taste again of Energy World, or of the Great 2010 Birthday Party, for some days, where everyone can meet again, in the beautiful way we always do!

So, see you there then!