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A feature of this year's EC was that Mishka joined it! She also helped when necessary - which made Vasra happy: he could just go along with everything within himself, without having to keep one eye open, to save people from bumps and scratches - at certain times...
With both of our boys now into their own lives, Mishka feels like this now-time is a new beginning for her, a new freedom and independence in her life, and this step into joining the EC was maybe the first of many...

Whilst 'with the family' here, now, in this blog - I want to let you all know that we hear so regularly and beautifully from our son, Abechy. He, with 2 friends, is on a tour of the East, now in Thailand, on one of the famous islands there. Then later they go on to Indonesia for a while, and then later, another jump to Vietnam, returning here in early February. So, in the EC this time, there was Mishka, plus 25 others...

About it? Harachi writes: Beloved ONE - exquisite silence - acknowledgment of the cosmic blessing - weightless spaciousness - LOVE - total peace - bliss - no other - no division - embracement of the moment. What an amazing experience to share this NOW with you, dear Michael! No words can describe IT. Please receive my gratefulness from deep inside and beyond. ALL LOVE

And from Sapri (a name given to her by Burkhardt, an erstwhile Wild Goose, with the given name from me, long ago, of Buddha, and who sadly recently left the Earth for other realms): Sunday morning I could surrender without any expectations thanks to you opening, healing and liberating me...I felt light as a feather, carried and cradled by everything and nothing, laughing like an innocent child - 'easy like a Sunday morning'....

There was this special seminal Talk: Both, You And The Cosmos - my Teaching being, now more than ever, that there is always Someone who gets enlightened, and that that someone is behind and beyond the enlightenment achieved; the one who has been very instrumental - of course! - in achieving that state of Oneness that is enlightenment. (Hidden, behind the scenes, behind maybe even the completed Path, influencing everything, and containing the Emptiness of the life achievement.)

Some Info news: the poster for the 2019 schedule is now available for downloading on the website. Also the new (great) Energy-Drawing Calendar for 2019, this time larger in A3, can be ordered from UNACHO now at a cost of €40, plus €5 for postage if we are also to send it to you. A hint about the new MB Supergroup, that follows Trees & Rivers, starting in October 2019, can be seen on that month both on the schedule and in the calendar. More news of it early in the new year...

So now for me a break for a while before the next leg of Trees&Rivers in mid-December, and then after Xmas the usual year's peak in Sampurna when many of us will meet at the Winter Festival to see in the New Year together.


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