Shabi (Suna) who was there from Austria writes: What a wonderful intensive seminar, I feel so grateful that I could be again in this loving and healing energy, space pulsating, radiating, flowing - and I am still floating on this wave. My heart was singing all the time, opening more and more for all these treasures. I can feel the sun and the moon in my new name, it is really good and I say a big DANKE! to you with all my heart.
It is so amazing! that you go on with all these seminars around the world to give a chance to all these participants to get the taste of the divine and a glimpse into paradise. I give my love to you.

Those days in Hamburg - felt like a whole lifetime and at the same time - pfft - just a second. Shanti

Thank you so much for coming to Hamburg again and again!
This time you took us all to another dimension,
above the city and the world towards nowhere.
An incredible dance we had there.
I am still flying… 
…sending you love, love and love Raymondo

The work was an unwinding, a clearing and fine- tuning to the space again and then - this Sunday morning session....hands disappearing into body, body disappearing into space...and the circle was complete.
ALL and everything was there, the X found (for the moment at least!) a glimpse of completion,
a moment in eternity, truly sacred.
Holy, holy! Sandipa

Standing! like grounded in the earth of the earths, body swaying! like a reed on a cosmic shore, arms sprawling! like wings in the endless winds, hands, leading from nowhere!, like drawing circles into the cosmic ocean, laughing buddha-childs! With love to my love. Korali

"That’s what happens in Hamburg.
When we meet.
Feet on the ground.
And still we soar.
Wings into nowhere.
The earth below
Guiding our steps." MB

Yes that’s exactly what happened in Hamburg
during the beautiful time we were together.
The doors of heaven wide open,
the angels singing as never before.

When you entered the room on Sunday morning
great joy and gratitude filled my heart and my whole being
you were dancing inside of me
or was it me inside of you
or was it just the One of Us? Love Jila

Thanks so much for this strong, beautiful, deep and light weekend.
So much release in a simple way, without any dramas, just let the energy waves come and go.
Three years ago I got my goose name in Hamburg, my first group with you.... and since then my life changed totally.
So much bliss.....endless love and joy.
With all my love,

Normally, there, Korali, group organizer, spends most of our time in the group propped up at the back wall, because of strong leg trouble, but as you can see from his feedback (above) he was very mobile, celebrating the flow of freedom in his legs. Just great. Such new and unexpected free-flow can happen in the seminars, again & again. Appreciations too, to Raymondo, who once again took great care of me there, to Jila, who as always 'mustered the troops' throughout, to Judah for his committed appearance and assistance, from Bremen, to Meda Murti for his immaculate chauffering, to Saddo, and his service throughout in the breaks, and to all for the great sense of community that abounded throughout.

That little corner of Hamburg: hotel and Dojo grouproom enclosed in one large hand, the Tibetan restaurant, Saturday nights there, always, just a little distance away...All compact, the group itself too, there we were visited, and were blessed. Definitely one to be remembered...

Love to All as autumn edges its way in and so we all have to find our inner autumns too... Michael