It was full, and it stayed full, got fuller & fuller.
We were more than 80, including a dozen newcomers, who slowly and gently slipped into the Wild Goose Energy space - and then...

One writes, afterwards: I was utterly overwhelmed by the gathering in Belgium last weekend. The first day was a bit hesistant but as soon as I threw myself in, I could feel the energy and the vibe of the whole event. Rarely have I met so many warm and gentle people in a single place.

On Sunday morning, as usual, we had the circle, of course it was huge, but I managed to get round to each and every for an individual session.

Then it was 12 new Wild Goose names, 10 from the Group and 2 young guys, sons of Reamana. In the evenings, as usual, in our great & spacious lounge, many came to connect with me in my corner, including quite a few fresh faces, and they spoke of mind-blowing times... When there are so many present, and all really present, as they always are in Belgium, then it is a cauldron of positive energy there.

The Talks were: The End of Evolution - Could Be Now, and You Are The Universe, both pointing to our new book to come next year...Then in the Q&A, more on Love with: Love is Actual and Not Ideal. About - working on it as well as enjoying it and acknowledging it!

It was for me, also a tough ride: 4 days of Trees & Rivers, a short gap, and then these 4 days in Leuven. And then a drive home Sunday night from Zurich to UNACHO, arriving at 23.15 - to meet Mishka who had also, along with Tiago & Abava, 4 very strong days here with OPT7 and the phase for them all of Rebirthing - about which Indro writes: OPT is a precious diamond. I can recommend it to everybody with a clear conscience. It was all mind-blowing...We were accompanied with an amazing care and compassion by the teaching team, Mishka, Tiago & Abava and the whole house team supported us by creating so much lekker tasting food and much more. The Universal Action House, full of people going, more or less, to the limits. OPT is becoming more & more a big family. The lamps are lighting (the name of OPT7 is - The Lamplighters). With deep gratefulness and lots of Love.

Well, it should by now be wellknown that the work that goes on in OPT from us 4 teachers is in my view pretty well unsurpassed.

Back to Belgium:

Disiray writes: Thanks for this amazing seminar, For me it was like being together as a big family and flowing with all. I also want to say a big Thank You for the organizing team and all helpers. The way they worked together was like an energy dance. So flowing, supporting and everybody was present to help each other. I have not seen it like this before. Thank you.

From Shanti: So once again your teachings and being from the universal space set off a rocket inside, and then nothing is the same.

From Hitsu (who made my breakfasts): What an intense and deepgoing experience it was! Together with old friends and welcoming all these beautiful new people, opening up for the great silence, just being. I never felt myself disappearing in such depth. Thank you again and again for being the fire and the light behind all this.

From Astaranda: It has been so great. The time together, the gathering...personally, worldly and cosmic...never reaching the end...Yes I love you (from the old song of the Moody Blues that I played at the end on Saturday night: Knights in White Satin, and this is the chorus, which we all sang with them to me and everyone...)

Supora writes: Beloved Michael,  I am erased. It feels as if everything has been taken away from me. Things have lost their importance. Is this the emptiness you are talking about? I am swimming in a sea of universal energy. Being on my own the universal energy unites with those of others. It flows automatically to me. It is in me. They are in me. The heart finds other hearts. I am sitting in the back of my car. Words are useless to explain. Love

And yes, Supora, it is so. It has been coming. You became ready to be linked, and open, and to enter...

Next year, a double visit there, to Leuven. First in March, then again in November. They really deserve at least that there.

Next up, Berlin, for me a home from home,  then the Enlightenment Citcle here at UNACHO, be nice to see you there.

Then another slot for our Trees & Rivers comes in December. Enid, from England, a T&R member, writes: I'm still with the adjustment to the newness of the world since your healings of me. Oh Lord! Years and years of expensive therapies amd study and working hard to fix myself - taking responsibility - and you have shifted me in two units of Trees & Rivers.  Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou...for your magic and your miracles.

Then to finish 2018, the Winter Festival, The Kiss of New Life, into 2019 - where we all are happy to celebrate all this and what always takes place there amongst us and between us.

The schedule for 2019, the coming year, will be on the website for you all in a few days.

Sending you all Love, and, as usual, an Invitation to the Unknown, again & again.