The ego and the cosmic space are incompatible.
At least, when the ego is 'a thing'. Something set.
When the ego is not a thing, but an ongoing process, it can remain active whilst you are with the cosmic space.
Seeing the ego as itself an energy happening allows it to stream with the energy of the cosmos, the One.

It was cold, it rained, it snowed, for Mishka coming to pick me up on Sunday it was a 5 hour nightmare - of dense traffic sometimes stationary, so many staus, visibility often of just a few meters in the heavy snow, and on top, ice under the snow on the roads. Not that bad going home for us, but chaos for many as Germany's roads and, for a while, its airports, seized up.

Meanwhle we were cosy enough there, in our sessions,  warm grouproom and dining room, though this time the food not the best, very variable. Many people took walks, even in the bitter mornings, brave souls!

Uniting oneself with the cosmos, easily done on an energy level, at all times too, just needs some application!

Allowing the universe to express itself, through you, from you - and for you.

Saturday afternoon was ceremonial, much to my surprise. When I came in, all were standing, meaningfully! Jila took over as MC, something she did also at the Winter Festival last year and now here again, and it's something she does easily - and beautifully. Then there were some guys reading quotes from the time the Wild Goose Company was born, in Denmark, in 1984, then they all sang the chorus to a Wild Goose song written and produced by Shanti, the whole song given to me on a CD, and then I sat with them all, and talked - teachings and anecdotes, all very informal, with lots of laughter (very funny! - Buppo) and ease - and some nice songs too...all this is also on video, thanks to Buppo.

Now here are some after-group feedbacks received in the days since:

You gave a way out of the ego-mind, and sitting there listening to you I realised that this had been going on for me for some time now. Just a living and a doing with whatever comes along without making it personal. And then letting go of everything when it's done. Thank you for sharing what you have found - the priceless gift you give us all. For life. Shanti

Words cannot describe what I have experienced in these past days together, a nurturing emptiness, I feel a deep love and gratitude towards existence and for you as my master. A stillness, a peace, is growing inside me, more space has been created inside me. Thank you so much for taking me there, or here, and for showing me in such a loving way that it is possible to connect with the cosmic energy. Sasini

I am happy and grateful to be part of this special course. It did its part in my life into a new land, timeless, moment by moment, completely devoted and humble. Thanks a lot for your Beautiful Loving Energy!  Teresca

Sashara writes: What a final blow! Beautiful, Clear and Lovely. The feeling of connectedness to everything around me has stayed, and I saw my direction was and is - to be enlightened. I also knew that I need to be a human being, with a relationship to my family. Though I asked no question in Q&A, couldn't find one, your answers to others' questions answered all mine. To be with my family and friends without attachment. And I felt, this I can work with!  And when I got home I saw that my energy with my family is truer and deeper than before. I am with my wife of my own free choice, and this feels light and spacious.

 I am happy with the progress of all the particpants in Love&Beauty, the steps they have made are in some cases obvious, in others they remain within, but will certainly express themselves in a new level of living.

Now for this bumper year all that remains is our usual Winter Festival, ONLY LOVE REDEEMS, which, joining with the Xmas and New Year Festivities, is sure to be - apart from enlightening! - a happy and united celebration. We look forward very much to that!

LOVE To ALL! Michael

Photo by OM Jørgen Skeldahl, Love&Beauty participant