Milan :: Beyond The Horizon


My very first time there, at the instigation of Sasini, and so now there's a 2nd venue for us in Italy, along with Porto Venere. So not a big crowd, 18 , a mixture of longtime regulars, more recent WG members and half a dozen people completely new to us.

It was a sweet grouproom - and we (Mishka & I) stayed in a hotel which too was sweet, Japanese style, and there were good Italian meals in the evenings too. It was Sasini's first shot as a group organizer for us and she did so quite wonderfully well. Immaculate in every way, despite it being for her a virgin run.

But it seems she got her reward, for, afterwards, she wrote:

Beloved Michael,
so much has happened inside in those few days together and the highest gift above all is the sense of peace and flowing I had the whole weekend.
In these last years, I knew I wanted to stop doing things in an effort mode but I did not know how to reach this new status... I strongly felt inside that the way I'd been living for the majority of my life, was not right for me and moreover it was taking me away from my inner self, my emotions, my freedom, my silence...
And suddenly it happened during this past weekend; few things were not going the way I wanted and I had organized but still, I told myself... I will do my best in complete trust and commitment knowing I am at service...
I did not yet know what I meant by service then, it came from deep inside me, I just felt it and now I know that I've been in service to life and to my soul, and for the first time in my life ever I did not need an outside recognition, I did not need people to appreciate my work, not even you to thank me...
My soul and my heart were and still are completely nurtured, and since Monday I started doing things in a different way, I don't know how to describe it and probably is not even important, but I feel that there is no effort anymore. It is a subtle change but so deep and crucial for me...
And I'm happy we are going to meet again very soon, in Leuven first and then in Unacho even if just for a few days.
With all my love and gratitude

So that was ideal.
It also shows to all how this kind of commitment brings its own rewards - as our organizers everywhere have discovered. This involvement brings the Work to the whole system, awakens the energy in a very natural way, and brings the personal and the cosmic together.

It was too late for the long journey home on Sunday so we broke the journey in Como, where it was still warm enough in the evening to stroll through this lakeside town and also eat out in one of the big squares...

We go there to Milan again next year.

Copenhagen :: In A Chariot With Wings


Here, another block of new people, eight, six of whom joined up later to become Wild Geese. Well, Copenhagen is for me always a delight, close people coming again & again, some since 20/30, even 35, years, Tiago & Nabi always there to support and help, Domini taking care of the various road trips (sometimes Sadhan too), and the recording too. It's all there like a family outing. The usual Saturday evening dinner at the same Italian restaurant, where the boss is totally in love with us, always asks me as I leave for 'an energy session', stands there with his hands out and his eyes closed, and repeats then as I make some light contact, the words, "I love you', and also always treats me to a good glass of wine too...

And of course it's a beautiful city, as we drive back and forth to the apartment where we stay - this time, very comfortable.

Sashara is our new organizer there - following on years at Varuni's Blue Butterfly, and then through Dokusan elsewhere in Denmark, and then back to the capital, via Mayadevi, till the organization fell gladly into the lap of Sashara - and very sweetly and thoroughly has he taken this on.

Will be back there again in the Spring next year, and in the autumn again too.

Next up for me is the next leg of Trees and Rivers, now swelled by 7 new members - this time we are near Cologne, so it's the train up and a pick-up from Andarina.
Whilst there, my daughter Wu Chi, now on OPT7 (along with daughter San Chi), has her 30th birthday celebration, in Berlin (or rather, outside in the marvellous countryside) and ALL her siblings join her for this, as well as close friends...Great!

Following on that it's off again to Leuven, where a very large crowd has signed up and await me - at the monastery there, where I first ran a group about 25 or 30 years ago, and where in the evenings we have a large lounge where more or less everyone gathers - a very good extra!

LOVEtoALL  Michael