Well, we did 'exactly what it says on the tin'!
Simple, but the cosmos was with us, so it was also profound. Depths reached. Sun all the time, on top.
So all meals in the garden, for most, breaks too.

When the Zero comes through your One, then - Ah!!!

A treat for me to be with the music - all my own choices of course - totally, just as a listener, and responder, not to employ it in energy activities as it is usually. Gave me many ecstatic moments.

These days with you brought me profoundly deeper than ever. Thank you. Moksha

So, as people realized - and for many this is what they came for - there was plenty of JUST THIS!

Popular, powerful, and very useful was the Holy Alliance session - bringing the comsic energy into the bodybodybody and the reverse too - being in the body and drawing the cosmic energy into itself. (Sandipa writes about that: this is what we often do isn't it? But it had a new quality and intensity about it, and I also had more trust that it would work. But harder in the intestines - more dense!)

Unity is greater than Love. Love flows out from Unity.

Out of the Michael Walk, says also Sandipa, came for her the answer to the famous question, Who am I? First came, I am where I am, then came, I am who I am - only in the present moment.

From Astaranda: Such a grace to be with you and your work, such a very sweet and soft joy.

From Vasra: What a seminar! Looking for words to describe it the one that jumps up is - serenity.

From Sarito, of the Czech Rebublic, here with us as part of the cooking/helping team: it was beautiful to be in UNACHO again. I was meeting people during the seminar and they are like developing their talents with energy work, deepening their relationships, digging for gold in the spiritual world, progressing, interacting...I'm so glad to be soon joining your Trees & Rivers course...

Then in the Q&A there was this wonderful report from Ralha: "In the last session when I was lying on the ground, the whole body opened up, and inside it was empty, no flesh, no bones, the body was an empty shell.
And then the energy streamed into this empty shell and totally filled it up. I nearly wasn't able to stand up, without bones, but I managed. I was sitting in the sun and then suddenly I had to laugh. I saw that my body is a joke, my cancer
(which she is currrently dealing with) is a joke, and that I myself am a joke. I am still laughing inside and my body is trembling. Love Ralha

It was the only 'question' - but it gave me plenty to say!

Searching for the Complete State of Being...this is possible only through the transcendence of whatever comes. Only then can you become complete - obviously.

Next up for many of us is the week in Corfu, a Holiday Seminar with sessions, and also free time to enjoy the island and hopefully the sun - and even the sea too, for the bold ones. We have a good band registered for this
Happening - like it used to be in Bali, quite a time ago now, combining pleasure and the work - which anyway is itself so often a pleasure.

Towards the end of May (24-27) we have here at UNACHO another Teaching Seminar.

This I have given the name (it's a quote from an early Zen Master): When Speech and Silence are Both Unexpectedly Cha'n (Zen)

Isn't the 'Zen state' (so close to ours!) accompanied by silence? And doesn't speech drive it away? Is it possible to retain this state when speaking? Yes it is. How? That's the theme of this new group in May.

Before that I'm in Copenhagen, with many of my long-time friends there too, for sure (plus a chance to meet up with my Danish daughter, Titian). And then a day at the One Spirit Festival in the Schwarzwald - a regular presence from me there for - at least, I'd say - the last 25 years. A Talk and an Energy Happening on the Sunday 20/5. Then just as June starts we will be again in England, for the first time for 5 years, hopefully meeting up with many there with whom I've had friendship as well as teaching connections for many a year - or decades! Then after another visit to Solothurn in my beloved Switzerland, it's time to launch my new Seniors Course, this time called Trees & Rivers - for which you can still apply.

Finally, some Home News. Originally, here, at Evening Meditation Time, it was SASH (Soul&Spirit Hour) on Tuesdays at 19.00 and PEP (Personal Energy Perfection) on Thursdays at the same time. Then we changed it to a PEP on both evenings. Now, due to requests, we change it once again - so that from now on it will be: PEP on Tuesdays at 19.00, and SASH on Thursdays at the same time.

Happy Times! & Juicy Love!