OPT 7, Part II :: A Blog
31/7 - 5/8  2018

This is a report I received on it from Abava:

  • We all felt, and you remarked on how the training started at the SF where the ground work was laid and the energy from that was brought back to UNACHO. Those who were not at the SF, and those who jumped later, were quickly welcomed in and immersed in it, and supported by it.
  • After introductions and practical matters, the first meditation we did was the 3 Levels, but what really got things going was the deep and powerful individual energy sessions you gave to some of the participants, in the final session of the day. The whole group was affected by your work on each person, and the training started with a bang.
  • Mishka started the next day with her Chinese exercises, which we followed with explorations of Integral Body Consciousness. In the session after lunch you gave a knockout talk – ‘What you are here for’! It pulled the rug from under our feet, and was so strong that you suggested the participants spend the next session in nature, allowing what was moved in them to be integrated.
  • Thursday morning began with a feedback session, which you followed up with really strong individual energy sessions. That afternoon the participants carried out Meditation in Action by working in the energy field. Most were in the garden, which was a beehive of effective activity.
  • The following morning's Bodyflow involved exploring the sound that came from any movements that were happening, it was so strong and so noisy that you came down to the group room to see what was happening. In the next session, we did Arms in the Air, and started to apply the old classics – ‘The desire to move is in itself still’, ‘Everything is an energy happening’, ‘Don’t call it anything’, ‘What else is there’.
  • You followed this up with the talk ‘The Still Point of the Turning World’.
  • In the afternoon we did the Wild Goose Cocktail Party Hello, which was very juicy – Indro later said that he had 3 partners who he hardly knew, but by the end of each exploration had strong connections with each. You then demonstrated SOMA, in the final session, to the delight of everyone, who watched it all in awe and broke into spontaneous applause, when you finished. This led to an amazing SOMA, which was so strong that everyone was still in the SOMA energy space when you came back into the room, and stayed there for at least half an hour, not moving just still. Tiago said that she had never seen a SOMA like this, in the 30 years since it was born into the work at Belsitostrasse.
  • On day 5, you introduced the participants to an ‘Energy Conjuring Trick – In Pairs. Amazing happenings followed, as they responded to each other in this exploration. We finished the day with Mishka’s foot and leg treatment, which you felt strongly to come down and join in.
  • On the final day, you gave a beautiful session of individual energy sessions, which led you to the experience of aloneness in the work. This was followed by a great Q&A session, where you explored this experience with the participants, along with a variety of other poignant topics, particularly the discussion on female energy and sex. You gave it the title ‘Be a House of Many Mansions’.
  • Overall, there was a feeling that everyone had been transformed by the week, and they were a fully rounded bunch, by the end.
  • We had participants from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, USA, Denmark, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.
  • The house team worked wonders in the scorching heat, supporting and sustaining the whole happening. It was a large team and had 9 people in it that had done earlier OPT’s.
  • The new party zone ‘Paradise Now’ in  the garden was a hit, allowing bonding amongst all.
  • And, finally, the hot weather produced sauna like conditions in the group room, which encouraged everyone to take advantage of swims in the nearby lakes.

Even with all these notes, it somehow doesn’t express the richness and fullness of the week – the transformations for all involved, both in the group room and out were astonishing! And one more happening has just popped up – the meeting of Vyasa 1 with her husband Gyan, who came to pick her up – like young lovers meeting for the first time, and the spontaneous tears from Mishka, Tiago and myself. It was the icing on the cake! Love Abava

In addition, Indro writes: After the Summer Festival I wrote that this was the most intensive group for me ever. This is not the case anymore. These summer days of the OPT at UNACHO have been really hot, on different levels. Very intense deep dive sessions. Also the connections between the participants went deep in a very speedy way. This is so beautiful, heartful and flowering. So, feverish, looking forward to the next part. The teaching team, Tiago, Mishka & Abava were also very much part of the magic that happened. I am absolutely thankful for their support & feedback. I remember very well the Q&A session, especially your tantric answer, which suits me very well.
Finally, a few words from daughter San Chi, who, with her sister Wu Chi, is participating in OPT7: The last two weeks have been a rebirth of my cosmic being, of my truth. The start of my commitment to the path, I have made my choice and nothing has ever rung this true. For me it is not a space I am happy to taste from time to time, it is the essence of life, it is IT. I danced with the Angels, soared through the skies, no limits, no boundaries. Complete openness. Oneness with the Universe. What you have made possible with Mishka, Tiago and Abava is the greatest Gift there is. Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart. LOVE ALWAYS Your San Chi

So this time I have handed the Blog over! What's left to say?
Just that by the end of our time together the room was full of rounded (no longer, as initially with some, spiky) people, and moreover, all these rounded people formed, together, one big round circle.

For sure it will continue with its power and strength when they all meet again in early November.

LOVEtoYouAll & CosmicConnections!