Starting off in stillness & silence, not the usual way of things at this time, but it fitted...

Then came Levelling - a top 'ancient' basic meditation from the very beginning - towards the inner oneness which lies under all 'thises and thats'. Personal feedback was given to the reports from participants about that...

Soon, the stand-out Mu Meditation, never missed in Trainings, the one that enlightened me (over 5 days, not one hour) back in the late Sixties...still a magic memory. Great feedbacks, OPTers clearly showing 'signs of awakening'...

Then came Mishka's Biosynthesis 'solarplexus treatment', the usual OPT preparation for the coming anger & aggression sessions - which came next - and always brings fear and doubt to some participants. Expressing anger??!! (Very much part of my own beginnings!)

After that a sitting session of an hour (difficult for some after the liveliness of the last session) but followed by a seminal talk: Behind All Action Lies a Golden God.

This silence was then taken into an afternoon of 'working in the Energyfield - always part of our OPTs.

Alongside the work we do as explorations and discoveries, every morning in Bodyflow, with Abava, there was a different mix, always followed at its end by some readings by Tiago from 'the books' - this time from the 'original' - People Not Psychiatry, and then also from The Goose Is Out (a neglected masterpiece!) and then from The New Nation News - the series of Newletters the WG Community put out regularly in the Eighties - and then into the Nineties in Energy World, under a different name. (These fascinating outputs can now be read or scanned here in the bookshop.)

No fixed person
Different Diamonds

Different Diamonds
In Different Dimensions

Can't call it anything
Can only be it
Let it be

Lastly the Q&A - Taking Steps to Eternity.

And may you all continue to do so!

Michael - & OPT Team (Abava, Mishka & Tiago)