For the second time it was here, after once in Berlin (where it didn't work, really) and before that many times in Baden-Baden (where it stopped working!)

This time many less people - half maybe? Same with our events - this time just a talk on Sunday and an Energy Happening on Monday; no meditation this time, BUT, I did do part of the Oneness Meditation...... during the talk, illustrating what I was talking about. I guess we had about 120 or more there.

It was also filmed and there will be imminently a dvd of it available - how to get it will soon be posted on the website.

Just about 40 for the Energy Happening midday on Monday, which gave me time to really delve deep with those who were there. I also gave about 20 mini-sessions at our stand - which was 'manned' by Vimaya, Nimai and Tarifa, with extra help from Mecca. Mishka was with, contributing much, and Samida came to translate the talk. Abechy, our boy was also there, seeking ways not to be bored!

So, for the organizers, Mariam & Theresa, it was rather disappointing, probably also for those with stands in the halls, but the atmosphere was lively and light, and we all felt it was a positive time there, including the welcoming of the Work with open arms by a number of the visitors to the Festival who made contact of one sort or another with us.

If it's on again next year, still I will be there.

LOVE Michael