So when the human race is wiped out, as it may well be, not in your lifetime though, what will be left? For all we know the ants and the bees and wasps will be left. Will it be as if we’ve never been here, like the dinosaurs? You never know maybe they were our ancestors.

If you are given something which keeps you very busy, and which takes your whole lifetime to work with, then why would you look elsewhere?
If you find something right where you are, which is changing all the time, which keeps your interest, which keeps you connected, which keeps you involved, then why would you look elsewhere? Why won’t you look elsewhere?
Well you won’t look elsewhere unless somehow, inside you, you suspect that there is an elsewhere. If this is all there is, this life as we know it and experience it and as we see it, as we hear it and taste it and touch it…
There is always something new to fascinate us, to attract our attention, to give us another sense of self. Everything we do gives each of us a sense of ourselves. You keep on doing it and you experience yourself doing it and saying it, you are involved in it – so there you are again. Again and again and again and again; and then suddenly it’s all over and no-one is there and nobody is there. All that is here is something that has been always here.

So each one of you came from your mother’s womb and everybody knows that, obviously, that’s where we came from; and where did your mother come from? From her mother’s womb, all the way back to Adam and Eve or one of those funny species that we’re supposed to have come from.

I don’t agree with this analysis. I think we all came from space and that we’re all still in space too.
Just because the source is invisible, unlike things, it’s not within consideration.

Right here in this room, in this place, with these people, what I speak about is right here; and I wonder if some of you can connect with it.
Sometimes it arranges itself into things, sometimes it arranges itself into feelings, and sometimes it arranges itself into thinking and sometimes it arranges itself into play and hurt and anger and sadness and jealousy and hope and love, but it isn’t any of those things.
It’s just what really is. It is radiance, it is exuberance.
And if you find it what will you do with it?

Not knowing this is the ultimate delusion.

A talk given at the Summer Festival 2011