It was a great joy, throughout. For me. For all, clearly.

Andarina, in the car, when she drove me to my train home from Cologne, said: It was really outstanding. And so it was.

Extra so!

Naturally with 37 senior WG people the energy was strong and high, and deep.

But in addition there were several totally new themes.

Seeing that in life there are no gaps, that waiting (for something else) is missing out. Once, sitting for quite a while, some were 'waiting' - for something to happen. But there is always something happening. After the talk about that, the next time it was as if the room was bathed in gold, as a whole with no separation. All wrapped up in light and oneness. Stunning. The magic step was taken.

Later on, after Q&A on Sunday, Buppo said, freely, that over all these 18 years he has been with me, he has come more & more to this - being in the moment. Then he said: If you can be always in the moment, doesn't it mean you will continue to be so when you die? I said: No, you have to have also found the Timeless. If you find that then there is no change. Time measures change.

Then there was the theme, running through our time together, of the three worlds: the personal world, the world world, and the cosmic world, and ways to move between them. Explorations, many.

Then on Saturday I gave a talk on Sexual Energy (new!). Not directly on sex but on the energy that brings us to sex. Saying that this is not just for sex, this energy, it is also a life energy, and is in a sort of spiral with our basic lifeforce, and how, because of this, we can freely allow it to run during many other kinds of activities, and to contribute to many other forms of living.

After this we made small groups, each with two men and three women - discuss! Well, I sat, first, the best part of an hour in my chair whilst this was going on, and it was often hilarious. I heard nothing in particular, but there must have been many 'stories' because at times all the groups were rocking with laughter. Then dance!

Men can get erections when they are faced with a difficult task, it can happen in wartime when they are faced with danger - then it's nothing to do with sex, of course, it is (probably strangely for them!) the joining of that energy that leads to sexual activity, with the relevant energy for the task ahead...

The whole time we were there, in Gut Alte Heide, together - it's a great place too - it was non-stop, even when it seemed to stop. Yes, great accommodation there, super grouproom, terrific food, we are all happy to be going there for a repeat next March, in another T&R leg.

The talk on the 3 Worlds is for ALL Wild Geese. Title: World Upon World Upon World. Other talks were on staying with the moment - no matter what! - Just To Be. The one on Sexual Energy is The Royalty of Sexual Energy, the one with feedback on the little separate groups, The Ways of Sex, and then as usual Q&A on Sunday; first the great question from Cindrilla and then what it led to afterwards. This one is called Billionaires with Empty Pockets. And that's what everyone was, by the end.

Shanti writes: Not just another seminar, there were so many new aspects this time throughout and on top, the most touching session ever. I still feel its impact.

So next up for me, already we are involved here in preparations, is Leuven in Belgium. Many people come.

Whilst we open to whatever comes up there, OPT7 is on here, with Tiago, Mishka & Abava - the famous and very potent OPT Rebirthing days, including time mirroring it, in the water. These OPT sessions so often give freedoms from traumas of that time.

Then, also in November, it's Berlin once again (my first appearance there was in 1977), always a great group, always very enjoyable, with Tarima, and many really old friends who are still in close contact.

Then towards the end of November, we extend an invitation to all committed WG seekers to join us for the very special Enlightenment Circle that takes place annually at this time here in UNACHO.

Then after another meeting in December of our Trees&Rivers group, it is time for the Winter Festival, once again in Sampurna, near Wiesbaden, culminating in the usually Great NYE Party, followed no doubt by the usual riotous New Year disco - for some almost into the beginning of the next day.

May you all be and feel blessed in 2019.

LOVE Michael