'VIENNA' :: A Blog

It was pretty nonstop.
Arrived Friday early afternoon,
then to the hotel where my hosts Anuradha & Sandipa were also staying,
some lunch together prepared by Sandipa, there in the room,
then 'a WC watch', our first: France v Uruguay, also there in the room,
then to the group place, same as last time, Shambala, an active centre in many ways, a lot of people offering different kinds of seminar work there, so the place is geared up for that, and is quite close to the city centre...
For the first session, Friday evening, from 19.00...
How was it? Mishka tells me that I reported to her later that the sun and the moon were there that night. Can't remember what we actually did or did not do, but I can remember that it was great, and that the participants this year included Wild Geese I'd not seen for a while - and six newcomers, and that then, afterwards, went with my two hosts to a cafe-restaurant just nearby for a bite, and where the rain fell down in torrents but - though outside, where we were, we had a tarpaulin over us and kept dry - and watched, right in front of us, our WC game number two, Belgium v Brazil. I was for Belgium (they for Brazil!) because I have now close friends there, my seminars there are always so lively, and well-attended, with many regulars, plus once I lived in Brussels, back in 1981-2. So, glad they won.
Next day, Saturday, the seminar was really launched. The whole world was in that room, including of course all Vienna - so once again a title I gave months before  - Vienna - turned out to be both adventitious and appropriate.
All life and all time was there too. That's how it felt.
Then for four o'clock my hosts and I were back at the hotel - to watch England's World Cup victory against Sweden. Lucky us, we won, but it was deserved.
Then back to the seminar house for a final session till 8.
When something new for us, for me, appeared out of nowhere (as it has done on & off for 45 years), and knocked everyone out (my energy entering their personal diamonds on their bodies - that did it).

Then to 'the Italian' for dinner, and then for a few of us, to the outside tables - and the last part of Russia and Croatia - another 'dreadful' but thrilling penalty shoot-out. And showing who England has to beat tonight (as I write!)

Sunday to come - with The Michael Walk, known to some, new to some, and as usual from those new to it, some guesses - some close, none quite hitting home, and then the feedback - and out of all this we plan now a little booklet and also a CD of this great meditation, which brings such enthusiasm and appreciation to Wild Geese everywhere.

In the afternoon, Q&A, Being Somebody & Nobody - and before that - and also after that and even after our au revoir dancing - WG Names for 5 of the 6 newcomers.

Then I was off with my hosts to where they live, somewhere out in the countryside (where they, in that area too, have a thriving garden and also keep bees...).
Out for dinner locally in the hills, back for chats - where, for the maybe 2nd time in the last 20 years, I had a coffee over chatting till we all fell into bed.

I was up early - the first! - sitting in the garden in the sun, with a morning coffee, and later we went for a river walk - along a tributary of the Danube - plenty of trees too of course, and a hot sun. Then back for lunch at their home and then to the airport for my flight back to Basle, Mishka waiting, off to 'a Thai' reunion, and home.

Abechy, our youngest, is off with friends, driving together down towards the south in France (Montelimar and the Ardeche so far, and then on). Back on Friday because on the Saturday coming up it is the Abitur celebration for him - and a hundred others, and all his six siblings will be there with him, eleven of us altogether, his family, round a table (at the back!).
Including his full brother Madi, down from his Uni work
in Frankfurt, quick dash here and back, before his Big exams next week.

You can find us now also on Instagram - thanks to Larida. What a delight his offerings are! Quotes embellished with resonant pictures, photos and even short videos.
Yesterday I went through nearly 20 of them with Mishka, and was deeply touched - and also very impressed! - by what he has created there.

Then on this weekend we have descending on us - with happiness! - OPT6 Training, for their last 7 days together, and together with us - us being Tiago, Mishka, Abava and me. Then after a few days it's to Parimal and the Summer Festival - always great there - and the new OPT7 Training... We are already rubbing our hands in anticipation! And for it - there is still room for more candidates. It's a Training that, after 6 of them, all who have joined have loved, appreciated, and also very much enjoyed.