Children of the Universe

The divine was there.

It was also magnificent.

Almost every time Michael came in, he moved around a bit, as he does, then sat for a while, for a short  time or sometimes not so short, and then there came a talk, another talk, and always a teaching talk, and almost always followed by everyone exploring and living that teaching, and ALL the teachings were new, ten talks in all (all around 15-27 mins), and all the new teachings were coming from ‘the top of the mountain’.

>From these talks we make a new booklet, to be called The Secret Teachings. Why now all these new teachings? Michael was asked. “Because,” Michael said, “People were not ready for them before and so therefore they could not come. The fact that now they come indicates that the 50 people here were ready for them.”

Here are some of the titles: ’The Eternal Moment’. ‘The Earth Within and the Mother Sky.” ‘Laying Down the Line to the Divine.’ ‘The Heartbeat of Heaven.’ ‘ “God” at Work.’ ‘The Law of Life.’ ‘Breaking Character.’ ‘A Change of Heart.’ And after all that there was as usual at the end: ‘Q&A’ – ‘That Was the New (Year) Teaching, That Was.”

All this made it the most outstanding Group ever, everyone agreed.
“Groundbreaking.” (Tiago) “Such a great privilege to be here!” (Anuradha) “Genius. Monumental.” (Mishka) “More precious than anything else I can imagine.” (Anagama)  And Michael? “Probably unrepeatable so I’m sad for those who were not here to live and explore these new teachings.”

The people at the Villa Flangini looked after us all extremely well. Not everyone stayed there, not enough rooms but we all found decent alternatives (including Michael, Mishka& Tiago) and anyway we all ate together there at the Villa.

There was such a soft, flowing, loving energy created these days; really new, really unique; and this showed also on our New  Year’s Eve party, held there in the Villa. After the food, with much care, was served, over a time, it was close to midnight already and then the music started, once again with that famous Strauss Waltz that goes on and on – but nobody minds. Michael got struck the night before with a stiff neck so it was up to Anuradha&Sandipa (pros!) to lead that first dance. When the last dancers and DJ’s left in was already 6 am, when some were already rising to get on with their journeys home.

Once again, as with this year’s great Enlightenment Circle in November – from which the talks will also be collated into a booklet and be called Secrets of Enlightenment Pt II – we were going to ask participants to volunteer to transcribe these talks, one to one, when up spoke Michael’s son Kozan and offered to come here to UNACHO and do the lot! And he’s an old hand at that job, from Energy World times. So, great!

Many people thankfully used the bus that was arranged from Venice Airport, and when it arrived they were all already cosmically  connected.

It’s quite far; oddly, exactly 666 kms for Michael and Mishka, door to door! But on arrival the divine outdid the devils, or totally converted them, so on their return the 666 was just another number…

Will we go there again? Well, the village close by, Asolo, is extremely old, sweet and quaint and very beautiful (but at this time somewhat touristy), and many made a worthwhile visit to it on the afternoon of the 31st; the whole area is very beautiful too, and of course Venice – one of the most magic cities in the world (MB: perhaps the most!) – is just an hour a way.

So we see.