27/12/18 - 1/1/19

So again we were in Sampurna, where again we were more than welcomed - celebrated, really. They enjoy us there, they love us there, the 2 owners, the team there too. So that's an extra, on top of its general suitability - though the beautiful 'roof' grouproom was a bit tight for 78 people - with its eaves, its sloping side-ceilings, plus a corridor all the way down for me to access everybody. Anyway, we managed, though it was particularly difficult for the 'catchers' (Akali, Mishka & Tiago - and sometimes me!) on the last group morning. But later, for the NYE disco - it was perfect.

The first evening - Thursday for us - at Festivals, it is traditionally a music evening - but not this time. It was a marvellous 'energy evening', based on a 5 minute talk, which began: We all know how fantastic love is, how everybody loves it when they find it, but there is something greater that love. It's a great secret but I'm going to share it - which I did, but not here! (Curious? Ask for the CD!),

This next morning led to another short talk - and an exploration in this way: When you find the One, let go of possessing it, and instead, hand yourself over to it, to the One and see how it then leads you on, wherever...

Later there was a talk on sexuality on the Path: Sex & Spirituality. This is an eye-opener - it will bring you revelations - and liberation. Free you from all compromise. Then the group talks finished with the Q&A at the end: The Enlightened Life. How it is, how it can be...

Here are some participant feedbacks:

What a happening! So rich & spiritual. Love & energy from beyond. I feel calm and full of gratitude, tears and waves of this sweetness vibrating. Anuradha

I rarely take a bath in a bathtub. This has been an amazing bath of energy beyond any common bathroom. There was a high subtle energy from the very beginning, and it continued and went on all the days - a huge amount of energy goosebumps happenings. So beautiful. So joyful. This whole marvellous gathering became a round thing. Light & easy. I feel a huge thankfulness for the possibility to be part of your work, of your teaching and guidance to the meditative space...And the support by the whole Sampurna Team has been incredible. Always available and generally caring. Wow! Love Indro

I especially remember the session where we were all standing in the room and you just went through, not even touching people, and they fell, left and right. In the session in which you placed us in groups (making a constellation of the whole group, which ended up in smaller circles), in my group something beautiful happened, me and another person starting circling around each other and then touched the next person who started to circle and then the next...until somehow the whole group circled for a little while, a little universe of stars, circling and shining in eternity, and then out of nowhere the sentence came to me, "I am through! I am through! - and that was my little moment of enlightenment. I felt like an empty pipe, light was floating through me and I saw that when I am 'out of the way' the light can just pass through me to all other beings. Love always and forever. Sandipa

The flavour of enlightenment can come whilst you are on the path to enlightenment. (recent COD)

It has been more than a seminar. I love your humour and the way you are offering to us what you are living. Looking at you makes me happy. Lots of Love Astaranda

Thank you for this great seminar. Thank you for the work you are doing, the love you are giving, this enormous energy field you are building over the years. The inner silence becomes deeper and I discover a big I. Sutiro

Most people loved the food there - very vegan - and really appreciated the new Sampurna Spanish cook. The food was very varied for sure - and plentiful too. That I can agree with...

NYE began with an all-together in-one-crowded-room dinner at 20.30. This room was prepared as usual, by the current - and present there - OPT7 participants, with lights and decorations and all tables made festive - and delightful - over a couple of afternoon hours. The disco didn't get really going until 01.00 on the 1st. Of course we had the count-down at midnight, then everyone roamed around, meeting and chatting and clinking glasses of this and that, then suddenly at 01.00 everyone vanished - upstairs to the grouproom, where the disco team - Kozan, Indro, Aranta and Akali were taking turns to provide wild music for wild people. I managed to join them for a while in their wildness, Mishka even more so and for longer periods! We left at around 3, and it was still going strong, stretching on till 5, when the hardies began to leave & crash out for a few hours, but my grandson Aranta stayed with the equipment I think till breakfast time at 10! "No, not tired a bit!"

Then there were the last round-ups and goodbyes. Mishka and I left at 1 pm, driving first to spend a few hours in Hofheim with Kali & Boaz, and then Mishka drove us on from there back here to home in UNACHO for 17.00.

After a few days here, both of us clearing our decks, Mishka and I will take some days away in the sun - a much needed spell of sun, sea and nothingness.

Then back for WOSP here on the 24th, followed by a Meet-Up with our famous and terrific OPT7 participants, and then by my first 'away' seminar of the year in Bremen towards the end of February. Well, what follows you can find on the website, just to say that energy is building up already for another big Wild Goose celebration in Corfu at the end of May, in this great and striking Buddha Hall there.

Waiting to meet you all again, here or there!

Wishing you all a Great and Happy 2019.

LotsofLOVE Michael