Zigra writes: This WOSP is very different from the previous 3 or 4 in which I participated.

And so it was. It was more active, more in-the-room explorations, some of them built around 'the Michael Walk' (for the uninitiated - staying with yourself without aim or purpose, any movement coming then only by itself), both in the whole room, then within smaller groups too...

One highlight - a long session of sitting followed by a short strong talk on it. The title: This Is Your Life. In his note, afterwards, asking, as he does always, for a title, Larida wrote: Can you please give me the title for this revolutionary talk. So fresh, so new, so deep. Maybe you want to hear what this was and is...

It was a tough group in many ways, very demanding. But for me it was maybe the best ever, for I spent it largely at the very source of my life, at the source of all life, where the uniqueness of each life which comes from our choices, changes into the state of pre-choice - just the very (simple) taste of life itself with nothing added - and that taste is common to all, and the same for all, for all living beings. The taste of raw life, our naked aliveness...

Yes, not adding anything to life, as my regular teaching goes, but not even adding one's own life first either...

That's patience. That's pure being.

Some interim reports:

What a Michael Walk...I saw the rose, felt the rose and yes I was the rose. Then together as One we fell into the water of the vase. As you say - the river flows into the ocean. With all my love, thank you, Daivika.

Being open with what is there and having no intention or judging where it takes me. Much Love Larida

In that circle (this time one for an hour or more during which time I made no actual physical contact with anyone but simply stayed in a cosmic space) I felt a flowing connection with everybody in the circle, the energy getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly my arms go up with a very strong energy connecting heaven and earth, energy flows through my body, tears come, no words to describe what I feel. Anagama

In the circle (same circle) I had the feeling we were all ONE organism, one breathing. I felt more & more liquid till I dropped into the One. Thanks so much! Saranta

In that circle session my breathing got deeper and deeper. Parts of my body were shaking. Inside myself an intense feeling of presence started. My stream of thought got very slow, then disappeared. I forced nothing. I let it happen. All this got stronger and stronger. I lost orientation and it felt very good. I lay on the floor and realised that my judging mind was gone. I felt free. Diksha

In that circle I had an intense experience of being one with all the people standing in the circle. I was the circle as a whole. Emanoa

These are all experiences from the session in the circle where and when I was myself more or less absent - so it seems that then they all somehow came then very much together - and many felt it and knew it too.

Coming up next - and soon, is the next meeting of OPT7, here of course. We are all more than ready to be with them once again. Then off on the road again, first to Bremen, then Prague.

We have already announced the beginning later this year in October of my next 'major' course, Coming Home. Applications for it can now begin! If accepted you will be then informed of times and places where the sessions will take place.

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