The last leg of this X-Run, like the two before it, took place at

IL NOSTRO POSTO, a centre in Italy, near Siena, the home, base and working place of Prashantam, an old mate of mine from Poona, who also travels the world – especially Russia & China– doing his work.

Deep in the Tuscany countryside, the place is totally quiet, except for the birds – and then sometimes us! – the place is full of trees, bushes and flowers, so much greenery! – and all wonderfully kept; a sweet little paradise, really. Which we fitted into easily, readily and gladly.

It was a long week. It was a short week.

To begin with, the energy sessions – of which there were many – were about connecting everyone’s threads with the fabric of invisible threads that is the hidden universe (as confirmed recently and scientifically by what is now known as the Higgs Bosun). Such potent sessions!

The sitting times and the energywork times all took place in the same space, with everyone too in that same space often enough – that space that neither comes nor goes – even if we do.

That’s what the X is – open to both worlds, free.

And the ‘nothing’ that came in one session there came from the same space, reminding me of the famous story of Buddha and his disciple, Mahagashyap: Buddha is said to have given 17500 discourses during his teaching time. One day, with all the monks assembled, Buddha remained silent. For a long time. Eventually one of his disciples called Mahagashyap started to laugh loudly. Buddha called him up, gave him a flower, and said that he alone had understood the silence.

So I asked our assembly, what was it that Mahagashyap had understood? And that the answer would also apply to my own long silence. Many answers were offered, some a little naïve, some smart, some pretty close, and one that more or less hit the bull’s eye. This came from Jila, who said, “I don’t understand! What’s the difference? It’s all the same!” For that she also got called up, and was given a flower too from my table…

There was never been sessions like this before, one after another.

When I went into the grouproom Sunday morning – BIG SURPRISE! Everyone was wearing white! And  in a room which anyway is entirely white. Of course it was not new to me, in the Villa and in Energy World it was obligatory to wear white when attending our daily Tuning-Ins – but this time it was voluntary, initiated by the X-Runners themselves. Big difference. And so very beautiful. And then the energy engendered by that, in the upcoming session – that was also white, brilliant, uniting – altogether like being in paradise.A school for angels.

Then came the photo session, both in the whiteness of the room and then in the greenery outside.

The group – and the whole 2-yr course! – finished with all the members of X-Run 6 being informed that if they were to faithfully follow the OneLife Teachings, and in particular those of these last days, then enlightenment was not only possible but guaranteed.

X-Runners become part of my innermost spiritual family.

The staff there were amazing. Not only giving us good service, and terrific food, but were caring, friendly warmhearted and totally open to our Wild Goose collectivity. At the end, after the X-runners thanked them all, Kashin – in charge in Prashantam’s absence – said we were their favourite guests ever and so, “Please come again!” And so we probably will…

And then there was my X-Runners gift to me: a hamper of Italian goodies: wine, cheese, coffee, chocolates and a couple of great Krimis, and a “Thanks for All!”card from all. And in a way it was All…

I was comfortably accommodated in Prashantam’s old apartment (he is building himself a new one in the grounds) where also there was great TV reception, so in the week I was there I was able to watch 4 soccer games, 2 with my team Arsenal – both games won, and the 2 CL semis, with Real Madrid destroying Bayern Munich, the top dogs of Germany, my host nation, and then the other Madridians(Atletico Madrid) overrunning Chelsea, just up the road from my home there in London, the city of my birth.

Then to Florence Airport, which turned out to be almost unreachable  in time for my flight, directly on the motorway, as thousands of cars were coming or going from the long weekend and we would neverhave made it, but Kashin took an exit, drove this way and that, left, right, straight on, never looking at a plan or checking  a navi, just driving by intuition and by the seat of his pants – and then suddenly he said – as if in great surprise: “Look! There’s the airport!”

At Zurich AirportI was met by Mishka, and then we met up for dinner with son Kozan plus girlfriend Allaina, and also daughter San Chi with boyfriend Noel  - all of whom live there, there in my favourite city, Zurich. Of course Mishka and I stayed the night there in a hotel, driving back here Monday morning. The ghost of the X-Run following us, not far behind…

It was all, there, I think, a shared joy. All the beautiful things happening somehow in the arms of the divine.Effortlessly and wonderfully. Happiness abounded – and the places we reached again and again do simply bring happiness to those who find them.

Or to quote from today’s earlier Twitter: The cosmic energy translates here on earth into Love. Yes, and to Happiness too.

Next X-Run, the 7th, starts in August this year.