The 2014 Summer Festival

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Now in the midst of OPT3, looking back – and it seems quite a long way back – I have to try and marshal my here-and-nowness to dig into those past 6 days.
Well it was at Parimal, the sannyasin community, again, for the 3rd time. There were around 60 of us, and we fitted pretty easily into and amongst the residents there, more so this time than before, and this interaction increased when one session was opened to the residents there, and 21 of them took advantage of that and got their taste of our Energywork and the places it can take you to…a place where most if not all went, if only briefly. Some, as usual, fell in love…
The weather was supposed to be hot, but it wasn’t, not really – or at least only sometimes, but we all floated in and out of the grouproom as if on a very special summer holiday…
Well, the groupspace was (like the past) Another Country. I look down the list and it’s as if everyone is again here – or probably what happens is that I am again there, where it happened. With them all.
Well that’s how it is and has always been – because where we meet is in the timeless. Each person on the list whose name I now look at jumps out and is here with me – or I am right there again with each one & every one.
Who knows what time is?
Mishka wasn’t there this time (important family business) but I was taken good care of outside grouptimes (inside I guess I’m the one who took care, along with my busy assistants), Tiago as always totally on-the-ball. Shintai inside and sometimes out, buzzing away with his cameras, shooting hours of material, and Akali really graduating as my group assistant. Then there was Rafo, ages-old friend from Australia having (his words) ‘the best seminar ever in my life’, and Aranta, my grandson, fresh from the OPT2 Training (and going on to do OPT3) making a willing contribution to the Team.
It was all so fiery and yet so calm, so deep and yet so easy, so natural and yet so extraordinary,
And so it is we bring the Two Worlds together…
On our last evening I got a surprise: after our dinner there in the canteen, the room full of our guys and many others from the Parimal Community, Tiago ‘dinged the glass’ for silence and then proceeded to read an extract from ‘Time is an Illusion’ the book of MB life stories, as to how the Wild Goose Company came into being – the Tale of the Two Wild Geese in Denmark’. And this day was exactly the 30th anniversary of that day. Then Shintai gave a very touching little speech – he was there (as also Tiago was) when the Wild Goose Company was officially founded in Schweiben Alp in July 1984 – he spoke of how he was drawn to get involved and how he has never looked back since that day in his total embrace of the Work brought to earth through me. Then came two huge cakes from the Parimal kitchen, one with 20 candles, the other with 10 more – which I managed to blow out in two big gusts of expiration. Then came much applause from everyone, banging and cheering – the whole thing a really nice surprise.
I actually go back there to Parimal in December with the 2nd leg of our new X-Run7. But in winter it might be quite a different thing…
Finally, some excellent news: We can after all (it has been long in doubt) return for the 2014 Winter Festival to where we were, so gladly and so enjoyably, last year, in the outskirts of Asolo in northern Italy, in the hills behind – and not far from – Venice. So of course we would be delighted to see you there…

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