Since last Thursday I have been, more or less continuously, in great pain, sometimes not so intense, at other times more than intense. Overwhelming.

So this is my 9th day of it.  I have seen 7 doctors of different kinds, and it still remains unknown, what the source of the pain is.

It began on Thursday 8/10. Then it lifted – enough for me to believe I could manage to travel to Prague on the next day, and meet the people who had registered for the weekend group there. So off I went – driving (and I drove too!) to Zurich, and from there by plane to Prague, where I was picked up by Jamain and taken to the apartment where I was due to stay over the weekend, with Tiago & Nabi.

So Friday evening I felt able to attend, at our usual venue there, ready for the usual Evening’s entertainment, along with the fifty or so participants who had come to join us.

It was difficult, I had to keep returning to my chair – I would get up move around a little, plonk back on my chair, then like this again…and again. So it went…

Friday night was agonizing, so on Saturday morning Nabi took off to the seminar, Tiago with me to the hospital – to see a doctor friend of one of our WG friends, Sanvega, there. She was a cardiologist, checked in her area, found nothing amiss.

Returned to the group. The pain severe.

Terrible night. Horrific.

Sunday morning, again Nabi to the group, Tiago and I again to the hospital, Sunday-staffed so…Saw a doctor – who didn’t ‘see’ me! – had a cardiograph, a few other tests – all clear. Waited there for 2 hours to see another doctor – when we did he had nothing to add. A waste of waiting. Sanvega chauffeuring sweetly throughout.

Back to the seminar for the last Sunday afternoon session. Saw 5 people who (still!) wanted Wild Goose Names, gave them there as usual on the floor of the group room, got up in my chair, answered all the questions, plus add-ons, over the next hour – somehow and miraculously pain-free, at least until it all ended.
Then again all hell broke loose in my left thigh, where the pain was and still is.

Another tough night, really screaming pain throughout, so no sleep. Roaming around the apartment, here, there…Next morning, did not fancy the air flight back to Zurich on my own so I asked Pranama, who had come to the seminar by car from here, along with Tyran who is again with us here at home, to skip his sightseeing and drive me, all of us, home. 7 hours.

Mishka had miraculously got me an appointment with our very sweet & friendly local doctor for a time 18.00, an hour after I arrived, So off we went.

Could be this, could be that…he said, gave us some pointers.

Tuesday till Friday (today):  4 more doctors seen, of different kinds , different specialists: X-Rays, checking machines of various kinds, movements, exploring- and knowing - hands,
maybe this, maybe that, but neti neti – not this, not that.

So no way I could fly today to Copenhagen, to meet up with a bumper group of Wild Geese – including some I’ve not seen for  some years, plus a dozen or so total newcomers.  How sad.

So with the weekend now starting. no more doctors for some days. The search for source and resolution of the pain to be continued next week from Monday on!

Let’s hope someone can solve the mystery – and the pain!