Tuesday, 20/10/15

So Hullo again to all my friends, students, well-wishers...!
Can I bring you up-to-date with the MB body-pain situation?

So yesterday, the plan was to get a date with a neurologist, the next step, so at 09.00 Mishka was on the phone, trying to get an appointment. The one we were referred to by the last doc we saw on Friday was, said the receptionist, booked out till Xmas! So on to others. Finally a date found for the next day, Tuesday (today).

Then said Mishka, why don't we try that guy that Mariam & Teresa recommended?
Mariam & Teresa, amongst other things, have been delivering Rainbow and Oneness Festivals for the last 20 years or so, festivals I have regularly attended, giving lots of workshops there. They have become friends. So they too responded at once to the news of my troubles. They recommended a doctor, one they said who was just great, and also a stand-out diagnostician. One too with whom they had a strong connection. A guy in Bühl, near Baden-Baden, near where they now live, in a beautiful area in the Schwarzwald. They said if we wanted they could probably fix an appointment with him for me, through their close connection,

Mishka rang them to say Okay, let's try that. They rang to say they had fixed it, 'this morning at 11.30'. Well it was already 10.15, so Mishka and I bolted a quick breakfast, filled up the car and were off, Roads were busy at the time but that didn't deter Mishka who got there in record time (driving sometimes into the two hundreds), arriving just a few minutes late.

Then we had to wait a bit of course.

Then we were in.
Unlike all the other specialist doctors, he had no set-piece. He looked at me, he listened to us both (Mishka in German where needed), probed around a bit, made a few unusual tests - he was not a set-piece doctor, he was a detective.

And it paid off.

Now for some news only a few know about. Whilst on holiday in August/September I got a hernia.
Since I got back I've been, when active, wearing a special belt that kept that area firm.

We saw a surgeon about the op that is then necessary, to stitch it up, but not wanting to miss any scheduled seminars, plus his own commitments, the date for the operation needed had to be delayed. And the date for it is Tomorrow!

So what our great Bühl doctor found out was that, through the pressure of the belt on the right side, and the general tension in that area, I had been compensating by putting pressure on the left, and in doing this I had turned my pelvic area into an unnatural position, causing all this tension, and then a certain muscle in the pelvis got irritated and stressed, thus causing this almost constant pain.

So that was the explanation, and clearly it was so - he could show it on the computer.

So the hernia on the right and the strong pain on the left go together...

So that's resolved.

This guy is a class act (and private! No wonder.)

After the session with him I had 3 infusions - which took 3 1/2 hours! We were there at the practice for 6 hours altogether.

Then, locally, a quick baguette and cappuccino, and we were on our way home - in record time, 45 mins, the roads clearer but in the dark, again into the two hundreds and all the way, close to it. That's Mishka. A marvellous driver. As good as me! (Actually better!)

Then home to have dinner with the community, for the first time since 11 days. I loved that, it was a simple joy,

So I felt really bucked up. Almost cured! Had little evening pain, was able to chat with Mishka and read till late, and then off to sleep, the easiest by far since it all began.

But then this morning, the pain was back, in earnest. OW!! Disappointed, but it would have been a miracle if all the troubles had flown so fast.

So I'm well enough to knock out this blog and keep you all up to date. Today, which happens to be the 27th birthday of my daughter Wu-Chi (Lucia) who lives and studies in Berlin. I hope it's a lucky day for me too, also for my team Arsenal, who play those German minnows, Bayern Munich, in the Champions League tonight!

Hopefully the Op goes on as planned tomorrow. If so, I guess it will keep me 'off the pages' for a while...

Time now for breakfast.

And I am definitely planning to be in Berlin for our seminar next week!

Bundles of LOVE to you all