AUSTRIA Seminar 3-5 JUNE 2016

So, far too soon after our USA exploits - and troubles, I was off on the 7 hour journey from home to Tragwein in Austria. For our annual seminar there.

My hosts were Sandipa & Anuradha, which was cosy as could be, the seminar in the same place as last year, in the sticks, but a good place and a great seminar room, even if the accomodation is a bit basic.

It was good - and it was somewhat of a struggle for me too, being not yet in the European time stream, still weary from the American tour, but there it was, on my program, so...

And there I could greet many of my regulars from Austria (and elsewhere) and re-establish firmly the cosmic connections between us.

At times I felt that I was still on my way back from America, not yet landed, but the energy coming through was indifferent to this ambivalence and just kept flowing,

At first the weather was great, so you could, in the breaks, enjoy the lovely gardens there, ablaze with flowers, so much so I thought that the Sunday morning meditation could well be a Tao Walk for us all, but Señor Weather thought otherwise, so it was the new Energy Streaming Meditation instead, which was much enjoyed.

Returning from there to Sandipa & Anuradha's new home, a 2½ hour run, I slept most of the way (searching for land), till we dined together at a very nice country restaurant, before an early night, of course when we returned to their fine new home there.

I slept pretty well, so Monday morning I crazily felt ready to venture out for my single visit these last few years on to the tennis court. What a disaster! I was hopeless, must have been very disappointing for Anuradha. He plays every week more or less, I only once a year since a while (with him), but in the past I have managed to keep it at least competitive. Not this time, plus of course my body quite rightly began complaining anew. So later in the afternoon it was back on my flight to Basel, where Mishka met me, then a Thai dinner al fresco, then home again, this time for a longer time!

Next day was already my birthday. Several close people due to come that day cancelled, which allowed me to take it easy just as I really wanted and needed, so just 20 of us - family, house team and a few locals around the meal tables, some sweet gifts, and by choice an evening treat of one more episode of Downton Abbey (we near the end) followed by an early night.

I was happy that we had arranged already a session with my body therapist (and more), Edo, who got to work on me after hearing the l o n g story, and informed me that, sure I was out of shape, have been overdoing it, but nothing to worry about, just take this & that regularly now - and also your time!

At the weekend we get some birthday visitors, including some family. Before the home seminar Awakening...starting on Thursday next week (it's full).

Coming up we have first the group in Munich and then the final stage of the coming OPT 4, then comes OPT 5, already looking very potent & buzzy, followed by the Summer Event in Parimal.

Then the new 2-year course, Love & Beauty in mid-August.

So plenty to get our teeth - and hearts - into....