It seemed as if the whole cosmos was there in that room in the Seminarhaus Greisinghof that weekend.

Recently I have been wondering: all these incredible cosmic and also personal realities that are available to us Energy People here on this little planet Earth, fed by this sun in this constellation, itself part of a galaxy of a billion such stars, and beyond that – we are told – billions of other galaxies each with billions of stars: a reality it is almost impossible to grasp, how is it then that in all this immensity we can   have experiences of Beyondness and Cosmic Oneness, bringing us such gifts and rewards as bliss, union, love, peace – and perfection? How is it that in spite of all this ungraspable vastness around us, we humans on this tiny planet Earth can find limitless transcendence?

Then I recalled a book I read in the Eighties, by two wellknown scientists: John Barrow and Frank Tipler, called The Anthropic Cosmological Principle. (I remember it completely knocked me out at the time.) According to them – and their findings (very scientific! very mathematical!) – the Universe needs to be billions of light years in extent in order to support just one lonely outpost of life. (Like us.)

So there’s the possible answer, the possible connection. Everything other than us is there so we can explore – as we are doing, and in so doing reaching what appear to be absolutes, totalities, the oneness and unity of everything. (Then we know everything else must be included…)

And, in Austria, again, several participants – as well as me – had the feeling that all time was there. In the moment, in each moment. Well that’s long been my experience – that past, present, future all reside together somewhere, and that the future, each coming moment of it, is shelled out from this source, moment by moment, but if you can access that source then you can know in advance what’s coming.

In my life so many times, there has been an event or an experience that did not belong to that moment, the moment when it came, but to some time in my future (there are many examples of this in the book TIME IS AN ILLUSION – a perfect name for its contents). It’s absolutely true that we have access to that place, where there is no time, no time because there everything is totally still and there is no change, so time is irrelevant…

You can be in such a place, and be also in time too – well, for at least the body that looks inescapable, as it is for thought & action too. But though the very centre of a wheel does not turn, still does the wheel turn & turn. Both together….

So there we were, in Austria, mostly a bunch of old friends, over many years, meeting in both dimensions! When we meet we relate – again – as the people we are; but we all also know – or should! – that each time we meet, we also meet where we always meet: in a place that never changes, never goes anywhere, is always here, in the place before time begins.

And that’s why the ties we make in our Energyfield are indissoluble – even for those who drop out and appear to have detached themselves. That’s actually not possible! In minds maybe and even hearts, but in the soul, never.

After many years of meeting in Hotel Mader (now sold), and also in  Zeitraum (now re-assigned), we had this new Austrian venue. It seemed to please the participants enough; it’s deep in the countryside, totally quiet, a bit scattered inside, fairly basic, decent food, and it worked fine. Again the new Energy Streaming Meditation was a winner, and I played them The Wall, part of a darshan here, about the amazing returns that can come from a wall – like, one, the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and two, the wall that Bodhidarma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, sat facing for ages in a cave in China. Then in Q&A, reflections and advise on Creativity.

Sunday dinner together with Sandipa & Anuradha – with our guest Shentao – in a new, for us, fine Viennese restaurant, and then next day Monday spent as usual, delightfully and rewardingly (great talks!) with my hosts, Sandipa & Anuradha, at their home. This included an hour – again! – on the tennis court with Anuradha. I thought I had given it up, tennis. The last time I played was a year before , also with Anuradha in Kritzendorf where they live, but my body afterwards complained so much I decided to – finally – give the game up. But that doesn’t always work for me. Things change. Sometimes everything changes. So I ventured out again. Totally rusty for the first ten minutes, and then – back to form!

At the end Anuradha, who plays every week, said I played better than I did before I gave it up! Well, that was a theme in the group – that creativity can often work best in the gaps. There’s a wellknown saying (in English): One learns to swim in the winter, and to ski in the summer. Something like that!



PS: There are two new videos created by Jetzt-TV from the One Spirit Festival 2014., one is of the Talk given there, entitled: God & Destiny, the other of our Energy Happening there: Letting God Happen. You can view them now here

This year we again go. It is in Freudenstadt from May 14-17.