June 17-19 '16

A tall order!

But the order nevertheless taken, and delivered, at least the direction, over these few days. Again & again.

In the seminar, we were from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, USA and the UK. And in the house & kitchen, also from The Ukraine and The Czech Republic. But as one of the particpants said at the end - "The whole world was there."

It was beautiful and sweet. Angels were there, Jesus and Buddha too. Leaving me with little to do, on my own anyway.

At the end, Sunday lunchtime. I was ready to go on and on. Indefinitely. No rest required. Where are the people, these here, or if not, others like them?

And the body joining up again in harmony too.

And after all the rain, the sun was shining. The one in the sky. The one within never stopped. And I could see it in everyone there too. No exceptions.

One of the themes was 'the Triangle'. Awareness (Witness) on top, self one side of the base, the world before us at the other end. Now this. Now that. And always. Now myself. What is. Gurdjieff's Self-Remembering. Plus our Wild Goose energy everywhere there.

It worked, and out of it came fullness, simplicity, and a radiant unity as all the Awarenesses joined up. Imagine.

I was in the huge embrace of the divine from beginning to end, and in between too. My hand turning, my arm lifting, my body embracing, touching, coaxing, releasing,
joining up, knowing... magic. But only seemingly so. Actually a union of that which one actually is with what everyone actually is - the Energy of Existence itself.

So there is this Land where all is One and this One calls all who do not yet know it, to come and see, realize, join – and laugh & laugh at the wonder and simplicity of it all.

Not surprisingly, there were no questions for Q&A at the end, so I asked for statements instead. They came, we nodded our heads, we smiled and agreed, some statements were spun inside out revealing their actual messages.

Then it was a sad yet happy goodbye.

A personal wait now till Munich, a little break. And then after that comes the last part of OPT4, the Summer Festival in Parimal, and then the beginning of OPT 5. Some great people already waiting to set off on this diverse and powerful journey.

And then in August comes the launch of Love & Beauty. This last 'Awakening Group' felt like the first part of it, to me!

So, can't wait!