Belgium seminar, 28/9 – 1/10 :: A BLOG

Physically, I limped through this one, bronchitis since a week before, and still going strong. The flight didn't help either. Chest and throat somewhere else, struggling for normality, so I had to find a new way of being with the 56 people attending, and I did. With the help of the cosmos.

When I got home there came the OPT Hint that Tiago sends out regularly to those participating, this time for OPT6, and the quote was once again - as it is often - from The Soma Road (sure, one of my own very favourites, from Belsito days), and part of the Hint was:

When you cannot deal with something in a normal way,only then will something deeper come forward. And so it was.

Somehow - how? - we all moved into amazing spaces rather effortlessly, all the 9 new people very much joining us too, from the beginning and throughout.

There, in Leuven, in this old monastery, where we were for about the 20th time, and which is very popular with OneLifers, one big bonus is the lounge we have for the evenings, which is large enough for everybody - to come, sit, stand, chat, drink the usual drinkables, and also anyone can come and sit with me a while at the table which I always have there, and ask me whatever they wish, or just chat a while. Some of the new participants did come each night, and all said they were bowled over by the work in the seminar...which showed at the end when 8 of the 9 asked for a WG spiritual name to take away with them.

The weather was so-so, the place often noisy, with hordes of kids around, inside and outside on the lawn, but there are many fine walks there, some through the neighbouring forest, and I was happy to fit in a few during my stay there.

After the name-givings there were just 2 questions, which took me just 14 mins to answer, well let's say answers came, which were a total surprise to me - who was speaker & listener too. When it was over, nobody moved, nor I, for around 15 minutes, they all sat just as they were, just there, then finally I got up, stood there a while, still nobody moved, so I put on some music (as often at the end of a group), it played, loud & clear, but still nobody moved. Then a strong track finally moved everyone and there was a great dance celebration, and then, at the very end, stamping thanks, applause, and goodbye to myself.

The canteen there at the monastery serves many - the place houses many sets of people doing all sort of things - and its reputation is not exactly bright, it's a bit of a joke in fact, so it was great for me to have my own cook there - especially in view of my rather fragile state - and that was Hawwah, also a Belgian, who was cooking for me right back in the Villa days, and then also for a while in Energy World, so I was saved. So many thanks to her, to Akali who did a really great job as my assistant, plus the long trip up and down, and thanks also to Hitsu, Jila, & Galaya, for their personal care.

Now Pranama retires from the job of organizing and co-ordinating the annual Belgium group - whereupon, with delight, Jila and Galaya jumped in to take over, with the greatest of pleasure...(this job is just great karma for those who take it on).

Looking back, my sense is that it was somehow an especially great affair, as good a group as there has ever been before.

...a few times in the Belgian group I found myself falling on my knees. Love Matanda

I want to thank you for the great seminar in Belgium. It went very deep in a subtle way. In the last session, when you did energy work with individual people standing in a circle, I had moments of a subtle happiness just being there and not to get/go anywhere else. Also now, when I`m at home, things are different. I feel very connected with myself and the meetings with Kasika have the taste of meeting a new woman - we are both a bit shy... but very nice. Much love, Dabola

So next up is Copenhagen: Tiago, Nabi, Mayadevi and Shintai waiting to contribute, Domini. who has made a group song - Infinite Souls,will be waiting to pick me up as usual, and then in the group, run the music & recordings. And on Monday morning, finally, before leaving, a date with my Danish daughter, Titian, who has just gained her M.A. in Environmental Studies there.

Then it's Mind&Body here at home in UNACHO - still space! - and then right after, Hamburg

See you around - I hope! LOVE Michael