Normally after a weekend seminar I might get the odd follow-up response from a participant or two, but this time, already by today, Wednesday, I’ve had ten! So obviously not only for me was it something very special.


Apart from the specialness of this particular weekend seminar, ever since my first working visit there – in 1977 – Berlin for me has been

‘a home city’.  So many ‘frequent flyers’  over the many many years – so many committed energy students, so that now it’s also ‘so many friends’ there… Lovely!


Dinner on Saturday at our usual ‘Italian’ – where we are welcomed each time like long lost friends, 25 of us bringing the energy from our time together in the group into the restaurant, plus the cost of our dinners too! So when I arrive and depart I’m treated there like a celebrity… and our exchanges there, on the night, full of energy and laughter, and on top of all that, the joy of spending a couple of hours and more with daughter Wu-Chi, who joined us for this, and who lives and studies there in the German capital.


Well there was the Sunday morning first session, when the gods came, and brought us all into pure Emptiness; the Saturday afternoon session where we simply sat together (in Berlin!) in stillness and silence for 90 mins! followed by explosions of exchange that then happened next in the tea-break , and then a dance session,

wonderful tracks leading to a group crescendo…


We were united, we were full of love, and I think too we were in awe.

And everything was, yes! – holy.


And we were most certainly blessed.