BERLIN. Always ‘punches above its weight’. Have been regularly going there for almost 40 years now – for some years, a while back, up to 5 times a year. Now twice.

This time! I knew from the beginning that it was somehow ‘all new’.  And for that reason I can’t put into words, how it went, where we all were and went, how it all happened. A blank. But here now already on the Tuesday morning after, I’ve received great feedback from some participants:

(1) Once again totally life changing!!
Body and soul.
All my LOVE forever and ever and…

 (2) Thank you for the wonderful weekend. So good, so very very good. I love you. Thank you for your patience. Sometimes I feel too stupid on every possible level.

 (3) The seminar at the weekend was for me so beautiful. Since the beginning I feel myself really grounded and a feeling of homecoming. Simply indescribably beautiful. On Sunday in the lunch break I had the feeling – I am free. Thanks for everything.

 (4) The Berlin seminars are always intense. But I have not before experienced such an intense open group. Although it was an open group, it was for me of X-Run quality. I don’t like to use superlatives but I cannot describe it differently. It was limitless, comprehensive, deeply touching. I’m just grateful to have been part of it.

Well, limitlessness. No wonder I have few words, few memories.

The name of the one talk I gave was: All Buddhas Are Space Creatures. That’s from Zen. And that’s why I take you all there, again & again. The Q&A was called: This Boring Space!  An Englishman’s irony, of course!

When the mind stops, and there is emptiness, time stops too.

So while so much is happening, nothing is happening too.

So that’s why I can’t remember. But I can remember those who came – so many who always come – to my delight. And joy. I can remember that we waited more than 1½ hours to get our food in our regular ‘Saturday Night Italian’, and I can remember spending sweet times then and on Friday evening – again at ‘our  Friday usual’ – with my daughter Wu-Chi, who lives now there in Berlin and participated totally in the seminar. And that with Tarima, my co-organizer there we were ‘one heart’  the whole time, and how Astari , my other co-organizer, who, amongst other things, swept me fast and skillfully around Berlin according to the program. And Genkano, still unwell after a recent severe bout of ‘flu (“the worst ever”) translated in his usual marvellous way, as well as catching everybody on the energy sessions…

One new lady asked a question, “This is the first time that in a seminar I had to fall over (she tried hard not to!) – why?’! Well, I said, ask the other participants, not me – I never fall over. Nor did I ever in Poona! Why? ‘Because’, said Bhagwan/Osho, ‘his energy is the same as the energy I put into him so there is no clash, and so no falling.’ Feet keep you upright on the ground, but in space? Your  feet – and most of the rest of you – have to be in space too, so that then you just float!

It was nice to see ‘our old pal’ Mushin there again, also Maitri from Munich– who organized my seminars there way back! (a Wild Goose since May 1985!)

Well, so! Apart from whatever happened ‘on the Path’ to us all, it was –again – like one of those parties of old friends where everyone is happy to meet everyone else again - and not only – of course! – in the One!

A few days here now at home with my family and Team, catching up with ‘home things’ and the awaiting mail from you all – and then off to all my friends in Austria – a new venue altogether, so we see. Then afterwards time in the home of my soul-friends Sandipa & Anuradha, who have taken care of all things Wild-Goose-and-Austrian ‘for donkeys’ years’, with such love and care. And I might even venture with Anuradha on to the tennis court again – after a break of  - well, some little time. Then later in May – One Spirit Festival and – USA in Santa Fe!


PS: In the last blog, on the seminar in Prague, there was an error. For all those wanting to catch up with the Work there, the dates for my 2nd visit there was given wrongly. The correct dates for this next seminar there are: Fri 9 – Sun 11 October.