Berlin. Home from home. Always has been, since I first went there in 1977, in my orange days, a group with almost 200 people.

Since then I have been many many times, for a while in the Eighties – every month, since then, always regularly. So I know  most of the hotels in the city by now…

And of course groups with  many people, for years a hundred or more, now more modest, but always people attending I’ve known for ages. Friends now.

From a lady who got her name in Feb 1985 (one of the very first), came a letter during the seminar. She attended regularly for a while after she joined up, then she was absent for many years, now she comes regularly again. She wrote:

Thirty- five years ago you gave me the best gift one human being can give to another: you gave me back the divine, the source of life, God!

And I was not really thankful. Now I am so sorry about my ignorance and arrogance. I repent deeply. Yesterday it overwhelmed me with energy and kundalini feelings and streams. I just want to say Thank you, thank you, thank you…

It happens. Since 1985 when names were first offered, around 6000 people have asked for and taken one. That's about 10% of the people i have worked with around the world in all those years.

As Jesus said (or something like!): I scatter seeds, some fall amongst stones, some in the river, some get eaten by ducks and sparrows, and some fall on fertile ground…

And some don’t hit the depths of others either.

I used to be concerned with ‘the ones who got away’, but no longer. I accept that and leave them to their fates.

You know, I create titles and poems for groups some months before they happen. Time & again I find that the name, which I discover always after the group has ended, fits what happened – another example of living in timelessness, up to a point. This seminar I gave the name, Saying Yes in Love, and the state I was in, the energy coming through me for the participants, was exactly that, time & again.

It was mostly calm, serene really, periods of sitting silently (quote from a short talk there: Sitting in silence is the true nature of humankind) and yet many people at the end remarked on the power and  the strong effect of our whole time again.

One of the 3 newcomers, a dancer and a teacher of Argentinian Tango, said in her letter confirming her new name that she had before coming no idea of energy work, nor about what was going on during the seminar, so didn’t know what to do (that was clear!) At the end her head which has been full of fog since she was 16, now after 23 years was ‘wonderfully clear’. So just being there, despite her ignorance, had worked wonderfully well. Her letter finished in this way: I thank the universe that I could get to know you, looking into your eyes were my favourite moments in the seminar. I cannot describe what I saw but it gave me trust.

The Energy World is another world. Enter it and it works on you, without ‘your’ (normal!) cooperation.

Just be there!

The Energy Release Meditation came at just the right time. The limited number of copies in the shop immediately sold out, leaving many disappointed customers. (Well, they can order it from our online shop!) and the Energy Streaming Meditation (soon on the market!) also worked wonderfully well.

Then too we were together again on Saturday night at one of our Italian restaurants there and that too was so lively! Full of interaction and fun.

And Tarima, group organizer since many many years, and much loved, playing as always her part, and Astari, precious organizer too, who took me everywhere in the city – and such a top driver too. Genkano who assisted and translated, got himself an extra meditation: he got stuck in the lift up to the 5th floor where we were, for over an hour, all on his own!

Finally some words from  an Out-of-Towner participant:

Oh how great it was to be there with you, in Berlin.

I enjoyed it so much, all of it,

the group and to be with you,

the great people there

and all, the atmosphere in Berlin,

lots of nice places to eat, to have coffee, to shop...

Each session was so deep and beautiful and such a bliss to be able to dive into it, what a gift all this is for me...

Back at home this time I was hardly able to function in the normal world, so we must have travelled very far this weekend...

I miss you!


Next up is Copenhagen.

And the host of close guys there too...