Berlin Seminar, 28-30/4/17 :: A BLOG

So there it is again! The name, given many months ago, fitted perfectly.

We were not so many this time there, maybe due to the long weekend, but no matter...

There was not much for me to do there, not even much for the cosmos to do, except just to arrive. Which it did. And stayed throughout. Everyone in it, deep in it, glad of it. The two new ladies by the end, looked like they had won the lottery. Both got names, joined the WG EF, one said, "It was a total wonder and joy from beginning to end." Be my guest!

"This was a special group - when you came into the grouproom Friday evening a silence occurred so strong that I felt I could touch it with my hands and take 'bricks of silence' out of the air."

We were all held in that space - no one was asking for anything more. We sat in it, floated in it, sometimes  interacting in it, all in this sea of energy - All, and so we were in that hidden harmony throughout.

An added bonus for me was that 5 members of my family were in Berlin and able to join our group dinner on Saturday night: 2 daughters, one 'mother', one daughter's longterm boyfriend and the boyfriend's sister, mixing with the group participants -many of them well-known, to my blood family members anyway. Some participants present for the first time since years, including one who was on the very first Energy Training - together with Varuni & Tiago(amongst many others) in Belsito in Zurich in 1985.

Tarima & Astari took care of everything, and in the absence of Genkano, practising in the desert and in a cave in Africa, Judah popped over from Bremen to give us a hand.

"Thank you for this great time in Berlin. It was Absolut."

"That is the true wonder and quality of your work, these tremendous 'life-changers' become not only possible but real."

Saturday night, en route after the session for an evening meal, we encountered a continuous column of far more than a thousand cyclists occupying the town road, so we could not turn - till Astari managed it, between wheels... a silent and mobile demonstration of some sort...

Back there again in November.

Meanwhile a Detrapping at home this weekend, and then to Copenhagen, the month ending with a Music&Silence - always so popular in those days when they featured regularly. Music, Silence, Presence, and One Another, and UNACHO too, what more do we need?


Picture by danish Goose Om.
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