The Still Point of the Turning World 

A Seminar in  Bremen 26/28 Feb 2016 

A Blog

The name of the room I stayed in at the Park Hotel there was The Buddha Room – one of the best. I had stayed there once before, long ago, but not since, and sometimes, since, in not such pleasant rooms either, so I asked Judah to fix a good one for me this time and he got them to block this great room just for me. The room is full of pictures – of Buddhist monasteries, and colourful masters too… Well done!


Then on Friday evening, in this not so large Steinreich group room, with 30 of us, it was tight.


I sat there in my chair almost the entire evening, not in meditation of course, but in a very strong meditative space, occasionally standing, moving a bit now & then – no actual contact with anyone though – then mostly simply back in my chair.


Just from that, everyone, including the 5 new people, went  completely into the Space, slowly one by one folding on to the ground, just from the energy there now in the room. It was throbbing. Cosmic. Soft and warm too.


At the end I said (first words!): “So, no words tonight, no action, no contact, yet it all still happened, because you all caught The Buddha Disease!”


And that’s the best way to ‘get it’. Nothing for the mind to grasp, so the attention goes elsewhere, simply stays there where you are and where ‘It’ is too – and then there is an embrace.


We floated through the whole weekend; yes, we did things together, but that connection with the cosmic energy remained.


On Saturday evening the entire group, bar one, and the assistants and I all joined for the evening group dinner, a ‘family’ Italian. Great atmosphere.


Korali from Hamburg has been my assistant there before, but this time not, poor guy has bad knee trouble, so he wrote me to say, Sorry! I don’t come. But he did – to help ‘set up’, he said –and ended up staying for the whole seminar. In his place Tarima from Berlin was delighted to jump in and assist me – we go back a long way, she & I, and she’s been organizing my groups in Berlin for donkeys’ years, with Astari too, who couldn’t come because of terrible tooth trouble…


Tooth Trouble! Me too! Soon after my Kur in Sri Lanka I had to go to Konstanz to have 2 new implants inserted in my bones, with many injections on the way. The effect was to more or less wipe out – or so it seemed – all the benefits of my Panchakarma in Sri Lanka. It turned my whole body upside-down – and sideways too, and I’m even still recovering. And this wicked tooth ‘spell’ took in our two boys Madi & Abechy too, who between them last week had 7 wisdom teeth removed –the new recommended program – especially for tooth surgeons! For a week they had a terrible time, a week that included a revisit for further er… follow up work, which was as painful as the original extractions. They spent most of the week in bed, taking pain-killers, and watching TV for distraction. I’ve said to Mishka, if we have any more kids we don’t go on this trip anymore!


No talks in Bremen – except for the Talks the energy was continuously giving, but then a great and very long Q&A (following the naming of 4 new WG), called The Buddha Disease…


So long it was – 75 mins – that Judah had to rush me to the airport for my plane. To Frankfurt where Mishka (who drove up from here) met me – and then into town to meet my daughter Buji and her guy for dinner, a long one till midnight, an overnight stay, and then home Monday morning in record time – that same energy must have been with me driving the car!


So, many thanks to my long term Wild Geese, Summona & Judah for their invitation and promotion, also through their great Alternative Shop, Steinreich, also to Tarima for coming and being there with me, meeting again as we always do in the heart, and to Raymondo for her ‘Michael-care,’ completed as always with so much care & love. And, too, my appreciations go to Judah for his loving presence and his frequent and patient chauffeuring at every stage of my time there.


See you all next year!