BREMEN, 10-12/3/17

Such a cosy weekend! We were not so many - 25 - and the grouproom was also pretty small - but neat, cosy, the whole place cooperated with the inner space that I was in - and which then all of us there went on and formulated together, along with the divine which certainly joined us, held hands with us. The 3 new people were amazed, two in their eyes, the other in his body - over he went (on his own) time & again! All 3 joined the WG Energyfield at the end. It felt destined.

There was the feeling that it had all been played out before, as if I and we were just following lines already drawn, effortlessly, all inevitably happening as it did.

All rather uncanny.

Time is an Illusion. Again.

But it meant no strain at all.

Judah took care to bring me here, bring me there, and also in the group became a Catcher, of some excellence, a tough baptism with barely room to find to lay people down, but as part of the integral whole of the weekend, he always managed.  Raymondo did her bit in the breaks, perfectly, Summona joining from 'the Shop' most of the time, embraced me and my visit completely. Everything fitted.

Then flight to Frankfurt, Mishka up driving from home to pick me up - and then a family dinner with Kali & Boaz, daughter Buji, and her partner Patrick. Home next day and now, next - to Prague, for a big welcome.

LOVE Michael