Copenhagen Seminar 21-23/10/16 :: A BLOG

Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen!

"Energy & Transformation go hand in hand" said the blurb. They take you from Rags to Riches...So they do.

To get there, we had to climb 77 steps, but then there was a grouproom both big and wide, 250 square metres or so... worth the climb, plus in it, waiting, were people I've known 10/20/30 time very close friend, Minerva, also Viresha, mother of my daughter, as always, some original Danish Wild Geese, like Kensho & Haiku, Om & Karista - Haiku also provided food for us which she had cooked at home and brought in for us, to be enjoyed very much in the very neat clean apartment that was found for us to stay in. In the Blue Butterfly days she provided, too, wonderful meals during our stays there, a way of showing her love and devotion - and beauty...Domini was there most of the time, at the music system, and chauffeuring us back and forth to our apartment, and when he was not there - family situation - Shintai - who with Mayadevi was up there all the way from their new home now in Italy - took over both jobs; a long way to come just to help run things there so effectively. So loving, so generous. We were joined by 8 new people, 4 of them becoming Wild Geese...and one 'old' Wild Goose, Samadhi, whom I hadn't seen for about 20 years. The seed never dies...

Sagaro, another from quite long ago reappearing recently, wrote me: "God" is washing out my Self-pity through tears and joy - is that so? So many thanks from my heart for showing all these ways to become real.

Become real? Who wants it? Who doesn't? When does your real life start? Or when did it?. Or when will it? When you join the Universal Reality then you have a sure chance!

And it's great to spend time there with others who are there - like brethren in a holy alliance, as it seems to be each time.

Next up, with, again, many people, is the monastery, La Foresta in Leuven, Belgium. We pick it up again there, and dance the wicked dance of the divine life together.

LOVE! Michael