Copenhagen Seminar, 12-14/5/17 :: A BLOG

Great grouproom, big and light and airy, (if 80 steps up!) But that helps, such a good room! It's a plus. With assistants we were almost 40 - and sometimes it looked like just one when I came in.

After my sannyas time, post 1982, on my own then, Denmark - and Switzerland - were my main ports of call, mostly each once a month, and some of those early birds, now friends too, continue to come again & again, so that as many as 20 of the participants were from those times in the Eighties, which means around 30 years each as Wild Geese. So it's always there like a reunion, and yet each time we all make steps beyond the last times.

They loved the new and latest Meditation, The Michael Walk. For many it was a revelation, Domini, our great musician, saying it was for him the greatest of all the MB meditations. Others, in the later Feedback Talk called: Hullo Again, Virginity! spoke of it's power and its direction that gives back to each a taste of their original nature. So if you haven't been part of it yet, make sure you are, sometime soon!

Most came for the Saturday night group dinner. It was in an Italian restaurant - for I think the 3rd time running. The youngish boss greeted me at the door when I arrived, hugged me close, then took my hand and escorted me to my place at one of the tables, in the room we had to ourselves. Later he said, When you guys are here my restaurant is transformed like never before. You bring so much light it blinds me. Towards the end of our long evening there he came round the tables with a bottle of wine and simply poured from it into all standing glasses of this red - free.

When I am on my own I have to climb the stairs to go deep down or high up, when I am with you it is like taking the elevator… woom! and I am there in a second... and some floors deeper or higher than I can take on my own too...

From the very beginning of the seminar till the end it felt as if the universe was taking me in its arms. The only key needed was being there in that moment and in the next and the next...

I had such a great time at your seminar this weekend. It was so intense, I felt I was floating in white light & emptiness. Out of this came this huge heart-opening experience. Thank you so much.

To see you dancing was the end of a wonderful time, and the wonder goes on...

What a surprise when you played my songs during the seminar! Such a precious gift you gave me, to my heart. Surreal... Bringing together my two most precious worlds, the world of my personal creation and the energy world. They became one and that was HUGE for me... and still is.

For me it was a totally new experience to do the Michael Walk Meditation...

Back there in October. Next up on the schedule is Music & Silence, an old favourite for many years in the past, mostly taking place in the Schwarzwald. Now we bring it back - and to right here in this house. All are welcome.