Copenhagen Seminar, 6-8/10/17 :: A BLOG

A Friday Evening kick-off as usual (but not always!), full of old friends, but also 6 Newies - and what came in with me? An energy from 'elsewhere'- even before I could get to grips with it as usual and allow it to move through me into others - no! it came on its own, even if beside and with me, and so it came to me just as it came to all....a marvel.


Why is it not on the human map?

How come it stays unknown to all but a few?

Unreal? Not a bit of it!

As real as the chair I sit on, and as tangible, even if not exactly visible.

When will this become generally available? (and inevitably bring peace, joy and connectedness to & with everyone and everything?)When?

Or to borrow a title from Primo Levi, in his post-Holocaust book from the Fifties: If Not Now-When?

Is it then so very hidden? Well it was from me for a while, a pretty long while - and then there it was, and now here it always is, if stronger (like on Friday Evening) sometimes than others.

That set our Group off, that first evening.

Thanks for the silence  the peace  the freedom - fantastic to find -unbreakable & everlasting  nothing more to ask for - as someone put it in a mail to me afterwards.

I guess we have to spill ourselves out, to a certain extent, in order to let it reach us. Still, everybody there did so, The 6 new people were, if they will excuse me for saying so, not obvious candidates to join that lost element, but they all did, and five of them asked for Wild Goose spiritual names at the end - and then the Q&A- title: Giving Birth to Your True Self, put what we were doing -and what I am writing about here, into a true perspective.

If those who ARE drawn into this missing world-reality (yes, world-reality as well as universal) and do not embrace it, then the whole process is slowed down, of course.

Then Saturday night dinner, with almost all there, at that same place as before, where we are welcomed like royalty by the host, Angelotti, who met me at the door when I arrived, embraced me warmly, then personally escorted me to my place at the table...

Monday morning I could meet up with my daughter Titian, who, now she has master-graduated, is applying for jobs all round, the waiting time giving her space for perhaps something new in a creative field, so we spent some time about that.

Then it was time to return - with Domini and Titian to the airport, met by Mishka in Zurich, a quick visit to our favourite fashion shop, for a reward or two for us both, and then out in Freiburg for a curry, and finally back here to UNACHO...

...where tomorrow the new-styled seminar Body & Mind begins - 4 days till Sunday. Then next week off again - my4th seminar in a row - to Hamburg, before a short break! In between, Mishka and I will set up my forthcoming schedule for 2018, at least for the Spring.

But still to come in '17, after Hamburg: Berlin, as always at this time, then Solothurn in Switzerland, and just before that, our regular Enlightenment Circle here at home, then the last leg of the Course in Love&Beauty. Then, finally in 2017, our great Winter Festival, Only Love Redeems, which is as before in Sampurna, near Wiesbaden - always a great ending to the Wild Goose year.