The Sea Around Us, The River Within Us
Seminar in Copenhagen 6-8 May

The weather was superb throughout. And it played its part!
The group place - new to me even after all these many years with so many group-visits and group-places there - was just fine: central, big group room – I guess around 200 square metres - and other aspects of it okay too - so I'm happy to be going there again in October. Where I stayed, in an apartment, was a bit of a let-down. First it needed - and got - a complete spring-clean from my two great assistants there, Tiago & Nabi (it was filthy) before I arrived, but even then it was far from harmonious; however, as we gradually spread our Wild Goose energy around, it fell more or less, even so, into our laps. No friction by the end. (But not again!) They wanted to make an extra charge for cleaning after us; Tiago told them that this should be from them to us...

And then there was our time together in the seminar. We were more than 60 people all told, and all of course contributed. There came, this time in Denmark, some people I had not seen for many many years - Minerva, for example, who was for a while even partners with me back in Belsito times. The last time I saw her was when she gave birth to her daughter, prematurely, in a hospital in Copenhagen. I asked her, "How old is your daughter?" "26", she replied, so that's how long it was. Almost as long was my last sight of Vani, a very close lady for some years when I first began my working visits in Denmark back in the early Eighties - now with short white hair, a few physical changes, but essentially as she was, to me. Heart-stopping. Sagaro too after many years (we have some WG meditation music from him tucked away somewhere from those times too...), Aradini, my carer here in UNACHO for a long - and loving - time, Viresha too, mother of my daughter Titian, and more renewal visits since quite a while from Satranga, from Sweden, Arandio, Deva, Kataranda, Magalana, and even our Wild Goose musician, Kleio, was gladly joining us again after a difficult time...
And both Domini and Dokusan were there to join in the two meditations, Energy Release and Energy Streaming, and hear their own music that they composed for them...

Well then, all went well for all - that was clear. Before we began I wondered: a real mix of those long absent, then the regulars, and also quite a number of new people too, so quite a mixture, what would be the 'right' energy?

A foolish question. The energy adapted itself - of course - to each and all. So seven new people joined our Energyfield at the end.

There were no talks, the energy did the talking, no need to have an offshoot for the mind. A Q&A at the end of course, as always...

And then there was the visit to a local Italian restaurant, on Saturday evening. Almost 50 of us all ordering as we wished from the spacious menu, and all getting served within the hour, a wonderful achievement by the cooks - and the waiters, who were from Italy and the Ukraine and so on, and utterly friendly and joining in the space we created there.

Finally, before leaving Copenhagen, came a visit Monday morning from my Danish daughter Titian, along with her boyfriend, with whom she's been cohabitating for a year now, but this was our first meeting, and I was happy to see this was a very 'goosey' tie-up too!

Domini came in again on Monday, drove me to the airport, and by late afternoon I was again in Zurich, to be met by Mishka, for our Thai dins and all the Copenhagen news.

Next up there in Denmark is in October, 21-23. Maybe some more 'renewals' will come!

Mayadevi came all the way up from Italy, where, though Danish herself, she now lives with her guy, Shintai, and somehow she had managed to co-ordinate the whole thing from a distance, and then again there in Copenhagen in the few hot days before we started, and of course during the event too, contributing wholeheartedly in many ways.

Right now Mishka and Sebanta are up in the Schwarzwald, setting our stand up for this year's One Spirit Festival. I have 3 dates there coming up: A Meditation on Saturday, a Talk on Sunday (with Boaz alongside, translating), and an Energy Happening on Monday.

Then 2 days later, on Wednesday, we are off via Frankfurt airport to the USA for almost 2 weeks, first to San Francisco in California for a seminar not far from there, organized by Nekai and Navina, next a few days holiday in Cali, and then from LA back across to Santa Fe for our (since some years) regular Happening there, promoted and organized by our old friends there: Andrekka, Deepana, Donato & Duija - and seeing them again gives us a big lift in our enjoyment there.

We are taking our younger son Abechy (going on 16) with us for the whole trip, which will include, during our Cali time, diving days for him and his Mum, whilst Dad takes it easy with his books on the beach.

Then, soon after we are back, I'm once again in Austria, curious also then to see, and stay in, the new home of my longstanding organizers and close friends there, Sandipa &
Anuradha... and maybe even with him, a lone (these days) game of tennis...