FIRST LEG  17-21/8/16

If I am right,
The feeling of beauty
is just the fact
of being touched
by what is there.
If I am right,
The feeling of love
is just allowing oneself
to be touched
by what is there.
Then, feeling love,
one is beloved,
Seeing beauty,
one becomes beautiful.
If I am correct,
This is waiting,
Beauty is waiting,
Love too,
To touch you.
Poem written ca. 1986
In the poem book: This Other Cup of Purple 

So we first played the song for this poem written by Chaitanya in 1986, miraculously preserved, and then Domini's version, a track from his 2014 album: 7 Songs of Enlightenment, available in the shop.

There was lots of 'Nowhere' in our time together, and for me lots of 'Nobody'. Disappeared again & again, and in its place, colossal energy. On one occasion, sitting for an hour, but for me as if on a cloud, suspended in empty space, I asked for feedback. How was it for you, sitting there all that time with me in a nowhere space? The responses were stunning, they were like love spears to my heart; for many it was an experience of complete union, or love, or perfection, or wholeness. JUST LIKE THAT! So strong had it been that the resonance between I and them was almost complete, total.

Not a lot was said. We were mostly somewhere where words had no place, left behind, no need, what was, was clear.

But there was one important Teaching Talk. It's called: Walking Backwards to Xmas (and Enlightenment).This was a shock - as it almost certainly would be for you too. Turning the Journey upside down.

You had better get it and listen to it before you go any further in the wrong direction! Afterwards there was stunned silence. Followed by a tremendous release, and around 40 realizations.


Examo writes: All my gratitude for THIS, you, the Group and the whole week, full of Love and Beauty dewdrops. Simply beautiful.

Om writes: What a wonderful world - what a wonderful path to walk. Shanti writes: Love and Beauty - what to say? except those two words - Love and Beauty. So it was. And no words to describe how it is to be with you in your presence. Jila writes: Wonderful precious sessions and deep silences. Your talk about how to be on the path (see above) was terrific - like a strong wind sweeping away all the dust from our eyes, from our minds and souls.

And that's just by today, Tuesday.

We are from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, England, and yet, as Om put it, such a mellow group – all contributing, all winning, all losing!