UNACHO,  5-7 MAY 2017 

We were not many. And then two cancellations on the very day, so even less.

This meant for those there that each one had a whole 90 mins session to detrap.

As Einstein said - and I too, often! - you can't solve a problem on the same level as the problem.

So in Detrapping I 'see' problems from outside the problem, the problems that capture people and give big trouble, and look inescapable.

So that's what happened. For this we use the other participants - and cushions. I set up situations to demonstrate physically (very important!) the nature of the problem, then show - physically! - how the problem is, represent it, there in the room with cushions and people, and then show in the same way, how it would be, free of the trap.

But to 'get' this, the person in the trap has to be able to join me, at least temporarily, also in the trapless reality. Sometimes this is very difficult, the trap is trapping even the possible escape from the trap, and maybe that happened in one or two cases... too bad. Sad. But we others who were there - Mishka throughout, those already detrapped, and me - could clearly see that there was - and that this was - a way out, if people can be brave enough to take it, and have the courage to leave behind the mindset that is creating the trap.

Mishka and I agreed, after each session, that this detrapping work was explosive, bombs of clarity. The work itself, and the possible resolutions, in a way, phenomenal.

Bringing Resolutions of lifelong problems and on top, the Revelations it brought.

It is the transcendence brought by our Energy Work, applied to living human situations, and the inevitable traps life can bring with no apparent way out, and then showing in fact a way out - so all quite different from the Energy Seminars.

We agreed, the low attendance we get for these Detrappings is a tragedy, really. Everybody - almost! - should do one. I'd like to do one a month, with a dozen or sixteen or so people.

It's all about gaining inner freedom, not just the freedom that the cosmic energy certainly brings, but freedom from the traps that life brings us - in its mischievous way - at times in our lives.

These were the names given to the sessions, indicating the directions of the Work:

Action Comes Out of Non-Action
Life As Play
Ich mache mir eine Energie-Kleidung
No, No, No, Yes!
Losing Dependency


And Mishka writes:

That was the 2nd time I have been assisting Michael in a Detrapping Seminar.

With my background from my Biosynthesis education - a body-oriented Psychotherapy - I was both times amazed about this holistic way Michael is working with the people. It seems rather unique that an approach reaches all levels of human nature, not just one or maybe two like it happens in most other approaches. Quite amazing to see how effective and really life-changing this can be. Because people can really find themselves out of the ‘trap’ by reaching through this work a standpoint outside the mechanisms & structures, seeing clearly the entanglements and automatisms gripping and through that being able to integrate it more effectively in their daily life.

In the other seminars with Michael, beside the OPT, people get little chance to look at concrete personal issues which are keeping them in a kind of repetitive pattern. This is mostly carried through their whole life. In the Detrapping work Michael comes from his clarity & deep wisdom and helps the person to find a standpoint outside his machine-like behavior. Through this the person gains a clear view about the mechanisms in process, becoming less attached to it all and gets the tools to integrate this back into the daily life.

I am pretty sure that everybody has moments in their life where they feel trapped, therefore I can only recommend these Detrapping Groups to everybody in the Energy Field. Such a gift they can be.