Saint-Blancard, 7-10/9/17 :: A BLOG

So there we were, already a day before, at this 'ranch', a hundred kilometres from Toulouse in south-west France, a home and working space - at times - for Wild Goose Josha, a king of consultants to Big Business, and those who run them. Here we were, Mishka and I, for the second time, with our offer to show these top, successful people in the world, CEOs and the like, how to deal with situations and personal problems they can't find a way to unravel, or solve, something inhibiting maybe their progress in their jobs, or maybe the full enjoyment of their wordly success.

All this right up my street.

So they came into the centre, one at a time. Each telling me their story, the situation or state of things holding them back, or blocking their personal enjoyment of what they do, or the lack of personal fulfillment felt through their outside success.

All right up my street.

"Look at it this way."

Then the obstacles dissolve, because they live only in your mind - perhaps. More 'letting happen' maybe. Seeing the source of a situation incorrectly, in that, for example, in a relationship, what matters most is not either person as such, but it is 'the connection' that rules.

The mind is a fog or else a labyrinth and cannot see the whole picture clearly. From space the whole picture as such can be seen in a moment, the self-made knot untied and the hidden open door clearly revealed and the true invalidity of the blocked & believed situation becomes clear.

That's how it works.

That's how it works at the time anyway. Carrying it through in personal reality is, though, something else.

Of course the 'cures' were dynamic, played out in practice, using cushions and the other members of the seminar as representatives in the problematic situations. All were always involved, as it should be as each session in this work is of course for everybody. We all overlap don't we?

In our Work, connecting with the cosmic energy, you can all do that, you can add it to your repertoire, bring it into your lives even, without really disturbing those lives as they are, very much. But to follow in reality the pointing finger of the Detrapping, this involves getting out of who you think you are. Difficult.

The history of the Wild Goose Detrappings on home ground, in numbers, is: 18-12-10-6 - finish. Not all that for just 6. Where were you?!

Will they, in Belgium, get a team of people like these to come again?  If so, we are ready too.

My Wild Goose English friend Deepen writes to me from there, where the 'business' participants all come from, and where he too lives and works. “They are all very happy. Only deeply positive things I hear!”

Here are some of the Detrapping Sessions titles:

Inner Beauty - Revealed.
Beyond the Ego Borders.
And Energetically The Wall Falls Down.
I Love Dick.
Wu-Wei - Action Through Non-Action.
Only This Moment.
Just Breathing, Just Being.
When Your Two Becomes One.
The Connection Rules.
Help! Then Also Help Yourself!

Sunday morning I began by 'Michael-Walking'. What was I up to? Nobody got near it. But then they did it. Tremendous enjoyment, appreciation, celebration. The most common feedback: - 'Freedom!' And for most of them, in tight and demanding jobs, this was a great and welcome gift.

So thanks to Josha for making it all happen, for his hosting of Mishka and me and the care he took of us, and the care too, for us, of his lady, Veronique, who was outside the seminar but inside a lot of other things that took place there too and for us. Also appreciations for her friend Iris who was around always, helping, us personally too. Thanks too to Matanda who once again was there throughout, arranging the recording set-up each time, plus his other contributions - and so, fully deserving the Detrapping Session from me he got as a reward.

The weather was not kind - cool, rainy sometimes, little sun offered. From here I go to Kiev this weekend - that cool eastern country, where it appears we, Tiago, Nabi, Akali and I, will have 25º instead of the usual less than half that. So, as with this & that & nearly everything - you never know!