22-26/9/16 :: A BLOG

So there we were, Mishka & I, on a flight to Toulouse in SW France, for this fixed seminar: a Detrapping with clients of that amazing coach for business people, world-wide - our very own Josha, graduate of several X-Runs over the past 10 years. There he was at the airport to pick us up and run us the hour-long ride to his new centre, which includes Taking Wing, his affiliation with us and other activities, a place very remote, a few scattered farms, even more so than our own Energy World, there are these areas in France, with so much empty and nature space. His centre has a mixture of buildings, new & old, it has ponds, one with - he says - a hundred kois, somehow avoiding the local herons and storks who 'go for them', and a kilometre away a lake, for swimming too - which Mishka did most days, as did some of the seminarpeople - once the whole group - and Mishka - one early morning - went there by foot for a swim together, all in silence. It was a nice walk there, one I often took on my own. We had great accomodation - in Josha's private house, and we were looked after by Josha's partner, Veronique, and her friend Iris, fantastically and totally. The two of them also served everyone at meals, plus some of the cooking too. So it was always so informal & friendly...

So then we were off: 14 group members, 12 of them completely new to me, 2 had attended my group last year in Belgium and had got WG Names: Zubra & Rebus. 8 men, 6 women. All stars in their fields, including a number of CEOs (Chief Executive Officers), some of huge companies too. Also a University professor. All clearly devoted to their work, their companies, their staff, and their careers. What issues would come up? How were they trapped?

To work on alone or to gather together a team? 

I live on approval, can't get enough, instead of loving and embracing myself. 

I'm involved in many projects - successfully. My mind says: More! More! More! My body says: Enough already! and is close to collapse. (Many tears come!) 

I get completely blocked sometimes by my partner - for days!

I'm trapped in my body, which is far from free. 

Cannot meet expectations of others, including my wife, and this immobilzes me, no idea what to do about it. 

I have plenty of energy, but I want more. There's a block in my throat holding me back... (MB: It is your friend. Trying to bring you to Stillness and Being. Result: she stays still and strong and radiant for the rest of the day.)

Solutions are offered from another level. Apparent enemies become friends. Answers can come through non-action, instead of struggle and useless action. Let the answers evolve in you out of embracing them in stillness. Look at it this way...then it looks completely different, and the way out is even clear.

Some titles for the sessions:
Dumping The Inner Demon
Losing the Self to Find It
Reclamation of the Body
A Disaster to Celebrate
Body & Mind: Healing the Split
Acting with Uncertainty and Trusting the Energy
How 'No Way Out' Transforms
Bliss Gifts are from the Cosmos

That took 3 full days. Then on Saturday night, after dinner, which we had each evening on a patio, the whole group danced till 2 am, madly, explosively, all with just about everyone else - such a release! All these high-powered guys letting go as if possessed. Maybe they were.

Sunday morning: an energy session for each and all. One said, in the next session Q&A: "At the end of the personal energy session this morning I felt an incredible strength. How can I let it come back when I need it?  Answer: Join the Wild Goose Company...

Some other questions: This November I 'll become 50 years of age, a moment I've not been looking forward to. Guess how I answered that one!

Isn't this a way of running away from problems? No, you just let them disappear as such.

What is the most important question we have to ask ourselves every day? Answer: Who Am I?

I feel a desire to be loved. Is there any difference with a desire to cough? Answer: Basically: not really...

Well we got lots of great ThankYou's. Already a new date is settled for next year there, with another group of (similar) people. With Josha we decided to produce a book from this Detrapping - for the whole world, coached by Josha, and a promise of more cooperation between Josha and us, bringing the two worlds together, as they need to be, it is something vitally necessary.

After all that there was still time for me to watch down there before leaving, the English football, including a 3-0 Arsenal win against Chelsea...Nice conclusion to some great days...

Monday, a morning  jog to the lake for Mishka, a slow walk there and back for me, and then with Josha, back to Toulouse airport for the flight home, to Basel Airport, which was packed, as a flight from Mecca was just arriving! But we negotiated through them all - and then there was Madi to meet us, and so soon we were home here, dinner again with the Home Team.

All very satisfying!

Going back a few years we were offering Detrappings here, mostly at  home. Limit: 16 people. They were very good! Vasra said that the one he did with me in Denmark was so fantastic that it decided him to come and live with us, as he did for several years. But the last one - which Josha was on - brought in only 6 people, so we dropped them. I was surprised because their effectiveness impressed even me.  So in 2017 we will offer another - a revival! Check your traps!

Josha points out in a mail that in the picture above, what we see there is what we try to do - to close the circle between the two worlds which need each other. The right picture and symbolically the right message.

He then adds that the messages from the DeT group are amazing. "They are connecting, talking, sharing, sending messages".

"This session altogether brought us already closer in closing the circle."

Josha and I, and hopefully others, will continue now to do so.