Here we find a world which we cannot see



Of course we found that, we always do,
But this time par excellence.

It may not have been the strongest group ever, but the deepest it most certainly was.

Most of Sunday we were all in the Zero Experience.
We were at the basis of life.
Nothing to be done – except to be there.
Which everybody did.
On & on.

Zen says, ‘Show me your face before you were born’.
These were there, wherever I looked…

Simple too.

Music came, music went.  Music – No Music: the same.

"Inwardly no identity, outwardly no attachment" – the Zen formula made real.

The living carpet was laid. We stood on it and were there forever.

With 13 current X-Runners on the group and another 5 upstairs in the home and cooking teams, other past X-Runners, an OPTer or two, we had the potential there to make these breakthroughs into new – and vast – territory.

The only place from where you can see that everything is equal is no-place.

 The only place from where you can see that everyone is equal is the place where no one is.

 The Zero Experience does not (unfortunately!) solve all the problems of your life but it does give you a detachment and a distance from them, and also an extra wisdom.

Sunday evening, an Easter bonfire in our garden, with guitar music and then afterwards a fantastic and joyful  disco DJ’d by Mishka and Aranta, 4 members of my family participating in the Festival, all adding to the richness of our time together.

Then 3 great mature ‘Life’ questions in Q&A on Monday, with equally ‘Life’ answers.

One of the few newer members of our time together writes to me thus:
"There is nothing to describe the journey I made this weekend. All there is is so much gratitude and love. Thank you for the possibility you create to go into this beautiful space. I was able to open my heart completely in the field. It is overwhelming but so beautiful…Thank you. Just for you!

Bang the drum.
This was new territory.
Even for us.