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Easter Festival, 14-17/4/17:: A BLOG


It was all I could wish for.

Which reminds me of some lines in a poem from the Poem Book, This Other Cup Of Purple - Poems '84-'87, so, 30+ years ago:

When we meet Life
in the inner place
we find it to be
all we could wish for
what is more,
there for the having.

I had it.
And hopefully so did many others there.
It seemed so.
From my view this Festival was simply magnificent.

Mail from Manuel, a pretty new Wild Goose from Belgium:
The Easter Festival sessions were like surfing waves of light, becoming warmer and lighter and closer to the sun. The world becomes amazingly beautiful. And my wife became more beautiful in 3 days! The kids are vibrant. When I walk outside in my garden, the energy and vibration of the little plants and trees around me can become overwhelming. It is like moments of little enlightenment. Much love!

Action lies in inaction, so inaction is also in action.

Nothing needed to be done but things were done.
Not doing anything is not the same as doing nothing.

Nature is not trying to get somewhere, it just gets somewhere.

The song (which was played) goes: the signs of awakening...

I saw them everywhere during these days, especially in long-familiar faces.

What is more important, the waves or the sea? No sea, no waves.

Everything happens as it should so why not so with you too?

Plus a great cooking team, Imaho and 3 from Prague: Irani, Vidya & Harida. All were joined in, were part of what was there these days.

Time passed. Time stopped.

After a long sitting session, we stood. Then there was sitting whilst standing. Movement when it came, came on its own.

Eastertime. That's Jesus time. He was there too without doubt.

Eggs - which we had - represent his wholeness, as well as his holiness. That was what we had these days - Wholeness and the embrace of the Divine.


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