Song of Songs

Movement, Sound, Stillness, Music – were all one, all blown by the same wind. Just this, no thats. Everything happening was happening together, right here, right now, and to all.

The whole way there is quite different from what is there, when you get there, that is the problem. The problem of the Teaching of the Path.

At times in the group everyone – for example, to music – was doing something different but to me it was always one complete unity…

We are all always in the middle of all that is. If we could only see it as so.

Coming here, to this Energyfield, experiences that are outside the range of your possibilities become within the range of your possibilities, that is the pull.

Two talks followed each other on Sunday. The first, The Dance of the Freed Bird, which included some of my history, turned out to be, for me, a strong body catharsis, so that the unstable state of my physical body since some days became, through it, miraculously settled.

Miraculously? Yes. For what is the connection? On the face of it, none. Far from obvious and yet it was so. Again, all together , including even the hidden things.

Next session on top of that was a continuation talk: With The Myriad Things, which finished off these seminal words, on The Way to Enlightenment.

Jesa’s husband, Petrus, got a name, meaning: In my end is my beginning. A man, said Michael, with a destiny, and in such cases, it is not a life unfolding from birth, which would be in ‘in the beginning is my end’ but a movement drawn towards the intention of a life, a destiny. So, instead, ‘in the end is my beginning’.

And then came the Q&A: You and the Light. Apparently, Nelson Mandala said, according to one questioner, that people are more attracted to darkness than to light. And, she asked, do I believe that’s true? Yes, true for many, but not for the people here, in this, or any other, Wild Goose Seminar, I’m sure.

Of course there were painted eggs for all, a garden fire on Saturday night, with Rinzai’s voice & guitar, and a fully-attended disco on Sunday night, the room wet with heat and sweat…Crazy dancing. Wild.


Great too for me to have some of my blood family there: daughter Wu Chi from Berlin and son Kozan (plus wife, Allaina) from Zurich. Kozan, first session Monday morning, back in his old job – catching the lot!