Well, that was what it was, a circle of enlightenment.

So much so, it becomes a book, a new book: Enlightenment in a Nutshell. 14 sessions, 14 chapters, 14 Energy Drawings.

Look out for it in the New Year!

We covered a lot of ground, and it ended on the Sunday with 24 individual sessions, not energy sessions, or not only, but personal sessions. Each one something to take home for the life to come.

The room here, Extraordinary Space, was like a cauldron of energy throughout. Everyone always totally there. The rains came, fine and shining, and we were all drenched.

My body was there, and in the gaps between sessions it was also there, and sometimes it was with the One energy, and sometimes it was in its troubles.

For decades I’ve ‘known’ that what I wanted most from this cosmic connection I have been granted was how to bring that noble energy to the physical body, so as to maximize it in every way as long as it walked the Earth.

Now with this state of play in my body, over the last two months, this is no longer a hope or a dream or something ‘for the future’, but required totally right now.

So it is.