Enlightenment Circle :: A BLOG

UNACHO, 24-27/11/16

This circle went round & round, spinning, settling, disappearing into the sky and also into the earth.

This morning's COD was:

This very Earth the Lotus Paradise
This very Body the Buddha.

So mail this morning from EC participants say that this is how it was for them on the EC. "Space and body coming together in ecstasy", one writes. Also that "the mind doesn't come back as it usually does after a seminar, because it has settled more deeply into me."

Well it was like that. A marriage of the cosmic with the body-personal. And the Happenings were coming actually from and through the body world that we all share, but of course including, as always, the cosmic vibe, the One Reality. But that was anchored in the physical world. So in the end we had not only Union but Whole Abiding People.


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