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Greece. Peloponnese.
Weather good, Food good, Accommodation good.

Beach, really long, with soft sand –beautiful. Many walks on it (Mishka – runs!). The sea welcoming, especially to fans like my guys. Wasps swarming at mealtimes – I even got myself bitten.

A deep tissue massage – bruising (for all to see!) No tennis this time, but at least I won out at cards – played often at evenings with Mishka, and Kali & Boaz - our regular summer holiday partners since more than 20 years, plus sometimes the boys – who came for the last week only, Madi gorging himself on the wide range of foods and then sweating it off in the gym and sea. Abechy mostly either in his room – as usual – or in the sea, in the sea, in the sea, venturing nowhere where there was a hint of a wasp.

Read 7 books, saw Arsenal get through in the Champions League. Two great lazy weeks in the sun and then back to a cool if not yet cold Germany – and a full program awaiting.

So maybe see you soon on my way by and by!
LOVE Michael

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