Hamburg 5-7 Sept 2014 :: A Blog

Back at the Beginning of Timeor so it was for me, and it brought everybody else there too to a greater or lesser extent…bringing amazing happenings…

It’s easy to be there, again & again at the very beginning of it all, since there –where that place is, still always is! Time being an illusion! – as the MB biography title says (and not only there, it’s part of the Teaching…)

But it’s also very very difficult because of all the weight lying between the place from where we usually live our lives, and that place. In that place – of course! – there is no history! Everything springs out from it anew. You are reborn then each moment.

“This you must see for yourselves!”

So as that great Eva Cassidy (sadly, no longer with us, such a beautiful voice!) – song asks: ‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’ – it does and it doesn’t!

There was Korali running around like a demon, as people fell, without me there, from the beat of the whispering energy everywhere in the room. He never failed.

It’s also amazing how often after a seminar I look at the title – a title I have given to Mishka for the group, months before – and it turns out to have been the theme of the seminar! Again, showing that time indeed is an illusion. In a way, IT’S ALL ONLY NOW!

I love this group – never big in numbers but huge in heart,  plus a fantastic dojo grouproom, great Tibetan meals, super hotel, and always such a wonderful atmosphere amongst the participants. And thanks again to Korali, organizer extraordinaire, also to Raymondo, for taking care of me, to Saddo, for his care & attendance at breaktimes, to our sannyasin guest, Amaro, for his wonderful easy & fun translations. And to each and everyone who participated in such a pure & open way. It was a wonderful dance for me from first to last.   So thank you to all who came!