Hamburg,  20-22/1O/17 

Everybody had a great time, that was clear.

It wasn't a question of what we did but of what was, what was present, what happened for the participants in that Hamburg dojo, and beyond.

One said, Like an acid trip.

Another, one of the two newcomers: It was like being hit by a train.

An extreme seminar. I felt sometimes in hell, then back in heaven. At the end I felt freedom, my heart flew to paradise. Raymondo

Special & perfect. (Best ever, really.) I am still trembling and in awe. The bliss of experiencing Life without interfering. Cannot get enough of drinking your wine, 'the nectar of the Lord'.

The silences absorbed us all totally. Also in SHEM Part 3 we were all standing there, at the shore of the Universe, lovers, all with the same love! (Who needed the fourth part, the music?) Korali, Hamburg Group organizer.

 Thank you for letting me be the Hamburg group organizer. Korali

My best session ever.

Like in heaven.

Korali: Great thanks to the Danes there, a third of the group. Four have already booked for Hamburg 2018!

A fascinating art composition of music. No drama. A state of peace. Nothing to add - appreciations from a fulfilled Berliner heart.

Suddenly I had this tremendous anger coming up, towards everyone who traps me into structures: daughter – mother - wife - my birth name - and whatever else I'm expected to be. And then of course the realisation that no one can keep me trapped in anything unless I go along with it. Seeing that, I totally lost the attachment to any 'name' I've ever had and the anger disappeared. Even 'Shanti' was not important any longer. But then my name Shanti got a different flavour, it simply is. Before, it was a reminder, my lifeline when I'm almost drowning in this daily life of mine. To stay committed still, to the search for real peace (the meaning of Shanti). Now my name is simply the connection to you and the cosmic space - and that's it.

A Raid On The Absolute indeed - and the title given a good year before too...!

Both our newcomers asked for and received Cosmic Names. It was an intimate group (just 24 of us), but people loved that, it was that kind of group - not one exploding into the outside and beyond, but one that brought everybody together into a nest of silence and peace and oneness.

At the Tibetan restaurant on Saturday night I got my umpteenth white scarf, the boss there already waiting with it at the door, and on top of that - a truly great meal! The hotel where I always stay is just a stone's throw away from the dojo - a nice extra gift.

So thanks to Korali for his glorious commitment, also and likewise to Raymondo for her great personal service, to Jila who comes often, everywhere, and always adds something to proceedings - care for me when needed, and a great care for everyone else, especially new participants - 'a fairy godmother' wherever she goes, whenever she comes, which is very often.

Next year there - we're back to September! Danes and Berliners especially welcome!

But Berlin in any case is next up for me, soon, but after a welcome free weekend coming up for me, giving me some days to take it a bit easy, and hopefully check out a few of the 20 or so CDs lying here on my space-floor since ages, gifts from various musicians and musical supporters of mine. Plus at the weekend a visit from my eldest daughter Buji (Leonore) and her partner, a visit to include receiving from me a Cosmic Name for the daughter she is expecting in December - just my 2nd third generation family member - so far!

MyLovetoYou - Each&All!