HAMBURG,  16-18/9/16

In the talk I gave there, This Virgin Reality, I asked them, as I now ask you:

Soon you are going to die, what are you now going to do about it? Come again? maybe to China – interesting! or to Africa, chaos & a new colour, or if you like storms, hells and destruction, even the Middle East? Or instead to maybe survey the lot from a place of peace and joy? If the last, here are a few tips...

Someone writes: I am not the person I was before the weekend. It is not so much a change, it is more a recognition of my true nature. Another: Breathtaking days together. Another: Rich in all dimensions, the fullness in the emptiness.

The dojo there we use is such a great place, and in the nearby Gastwerk Hotel, this time such a great room to stay in - the one shown on the internet, and of course it's round the corner from the dojo.

We were 40 this time. Tarima, who came from Berlin to assist, was busy - BIG people, and one who fell always forward like an axed tree - wallop! - knocking her to the ground, there were others too, difficult to 'help' down, more just BANG! (a number of new people were there). But each time she got up, dusted herself down, shrugged and smiled - and on to the next.

Friday evening - 40 + Nothingness which took everyone in its arms. Saturday the hurricane of energy swept all before it. Sunday morning again, and then into some new Wild Geese signing up, and then the Q&A - notable for the fact that the first 2 questions I couldn't answer, but in saying that I answered a lot! Then I was asked in the next question if I had a fixed point in me. I answered,  at first, Yes, my penis (an English joke) then went on about the little loss a centre is and what comes in its place. Name of Q&A: No Fixed Point. The organizers did a great job: Korali, Raymondo, Messina, Saddho, Jila. And my chauffeur Meda Murti. My returnflight Sunday was very late so I sat there in the dojo watching what usually happens after I've left for the airport - 2 hours of reshuffle!

So back late to Basel, met of course by Mishka. Too late for our usual chat over a glass of wine somewhere, so back to here, home. But just for a couple of days. Tomorrow, Wednesday now as I write, I'm off, with Mishka, to Toulouse, and from there to Josha's new and beautiful centre, Taking Wing (a name asked for and provided by me), for 4 days of Detrapping with people from his extensive world of Teaching, Coaching & Guidance.