HAMBURG first. For a start, double the usual number of people there, Korali, my organizer there, crocked with a torn meniscus so my old friend and Berlin Group organizer since many a year, Tarima, came to be my assistant, others too came from the capital.

As did 3 from Parimal, the sannyasin community where we have been holding our Summer Festivals these last years, plus once more there with an X-Run. One was the lady who always gives up her space to me when I go there, gladly – as, she says in her letter today, she felt a deep connection with me from the very beginning, but it took her a few years before she could come to me. Her Italian partner also came. And other newies from all around.

I had a bit of body trouble, so my joy there was a little less than 100% on account of it, but that was just me.

7 new people joined the Energyfield, with new Wild Goose names, including the 3 from Parimal. Inside the dojo where we work there (my favourite room of all, away from home?)  we were all like floating birds, yet on the earth too. As usual we ate Tibetan on Saturday, I stayed as always at the Gastwerk Hotel – perfect, just a stone’s throw from the dojo too…

This Other World.

A few days at home: mail, family, team, and looking after my body – and then the guys for the 2nd WOSP (The Wonder of Silence & Presence) arrived, and once again we were off, with finding Wonder – which Goethe claimed was the highest thing a man can achieve. Another great sage said this: Once Silence is attained, everything is possible. As for Presence, Being, that is always part of the MB Wild Goose Work – the gathering of the Energy right here where we are, until it lifts itself to unite with the cosmic energy. So that was the project. For 27 people, including another from Parimal who had been Streaming at UNACHO and then joined WOSP, and he too became a Wild Goose. My body cooperating entirely this time, no impediments.

I spent the whole of the Friday in an intense satori, twice finding time to go for a walk in nature, which appeared more glorious than ever, and it all played back into the room of WOSP guys too.

Next up is Kiev. Then we deal with the body troubles – should be straightforward enough, it seems.  Meantime, I wish you all well, – and keep that line going between heaven & earth!